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The Power of Being Unreasonable (2024)

The Power of Being Unreasonable (2024)  I think is what I will focus on in 2024. Have you set any goals or affirmations?  Let’s further advance the Kindness Movement.

It’s not that guys don’t care, it appears that more women come to me or are attracted to what I have to say. One of the ideas I asked a friend of mine about, was “What do you think of a Kindness Business Association?

This brings back to me, about 20 years ago maybe even longer, there were a few of us – who sat down threw out the idea of becoming s Shameless Capitalists group. Today, you wouldn’t be able to say this because people whole totally misunderstand what we mean by Shameless Capitalism. For use it meant to do the right thing, to move kindness in a bunch of different directions not just in workplaces, use kindness as the undercurrent for being a social entrepreneur.  Not being afraid to express our businesses of doing good.

The Kindness Association (movement) would attract business owners who use kindness or think about how they can use it in their business for change.

Doing my research there are several organizations out there for Doing good, here’s what I found. In my research I only found, non-profits or educational institutions are viable business set-ups if you want to become a social entrepreneur for profit, it’s a no no.

Because someone wrote a white paper and said this is how it’s done.  BS. It’s time to change this.

Social Entrepreneurship, as a movement and term, is moving aggressively into the mainstream. And with this rise in popularity, more and more change agents are racing to the scene, as well as racing to define what social entrepreneurship is and who social entrepreneurs are.

In brief, social entrepreneurs are business people who use their business to create social value, for profit. Over at Grown Ensemble they have a list of 50 Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs

My PodCast will continue, which I’ll interview Change Makers/Social Entrepreneurs.. even though the Podcast is called Impactful Legacy it will carry on as such. These Entrepreneurs need exposure / attention like my previous guests. They are embracing the power of being unreasonable and leaving an Impactful Legacy.

What are your thoughts? Don’t forget to sign up the the change maker summit..

Until next week,


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