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The Ultimate Lead Generation Tool

The ultimate lead generation tool is called Proximity Marketing, it isn’t just for the BIG guys anymore, now there are Royalite Gems for small businesses.

What is Proximity Marketing?
It’s location based and BIG retailers are already using proximity advertising, as it allows the advertiser to send specific messages to people within 100 meters/yards. It only works in locations that these beacons can reach people and have the ability to send out your message. It has been around for the past six plus years. it’s only now that it is affordable for the small business owner.

Royaltie Gems

According to
By attaining the location of a mobile device via proximity technologies, one can achieve an accuracy of only a few meters – making it possible to determine the location of a device on department or store level. In other words, proximity marketing enables retailers and brands to communicate better by more targeted and personalized information towards the consumer. The most common technologies are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Wi-Fi.”

The messages are delivered thru a low Bluetooth frequency, using radio, QR codes, it relies on mobile users for the messages to be delivered to. Businesses can deliver messages, to up-sell, opt in their newsletters, offer special promotions within the next hour or two, offer coupons, invite to engage socially with them, the ideas are unlimited in what you want to offer.

It’s the Ultimate Lead Generation System for small businesses.

Imagine if you were able to generate leads or promote your events to any person as soon as you stepped outside your home.

Trips to the supermarket, cinema, football stadiums, work, trains etc this would be a whole new experience as you would be able to reach out to more people. Watch this video from the CEO’s how Royaltie works.

Gem Info By Royaltie CEO from AllTek Marketing on Vimeo.

“What Type of Business Should Consider Using A Gem?
It’s now available for Solo Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses, now you can take advantage of this technology for your own business. Just carry one with you on your keychain or place one in your store/shop or wherever you are. Download, why and what type of business.

The Gems are $25.00 each + deposit + activation fee and a monthly subscription. To order Click here.

You’ll love it, as you get more traffic, your friends and business colleagues will want them too! Sign up an affiliate, it’s free. Order here, click on affiliate to order your gems.

This was the future of proximity marketing or geo-tracking, to be more targeted. It’s already here. Big Box stores are already using it.

Think about the many various combinations, you can create a map, your offer/s, and other options that will show your customers where they can find you.


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