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The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Heard About Kindness

The Worst Advice I’ve ever heard about Kindness Is that it doesn’t work and it’s not measurable!! It’s not good for business.

Let’s start with measuring of where you are now, take the Kindness Performance Indicator survey. Once you have completed it, take a look at your answers to see how you can improve upon your business.

World Kindness Usa

Here’s the KPI for Kindness survey to see where you are at:

How will doing a Kindness KPI benefit you help your business?

It will bulletproof your brand from within through a richer and stronger corporate culture rather than relying on masters of spin where the integrity will not just be perceived it will be realized. We set some simple parameters, however each organization needs to take a bespoke approach for developing programs to support the embedding of a “Corporate Culture of Kindness.”

What is the kindness clause for World Kindness USA?

According to “The Ethnic Diversity Ratio metric gives you valuable insight into a major aspect of your company. Ethnic diversity brings in multiple different perspectives to improve business ideas and processes and strengthens your company’s branding.”

When writing your KPI’s take a look at what objectives you want to measure:

What departments are going to be measured?
~ Sales and marketing
~ Brand awareness the considerations, credibility and strength
~ Is the growth sustainable
~ Customer satisfaction
~ Human resources:
~ Employee turnover
~ Employee performance indicators
~ Cross functional team analysis
~ Employee satisfaction
~ Hiring results

Once you figure out what department you want to measure, ask all the stakeholders for their input and feedback.

What are the changing needs of your business?
~ Will they align with your strategic goals, what your company values
~ Are the objectives attainable to reach
~ Are they actionable, will they help
~ How often will you measure the KPI’s

Key performance indicators can also lead to perverse incentives and unintended consequences as a result of employees working to the specific measurements at the expense of the actual quality or value of their work.

Kindness we believe is part of the life blood of your business, it’s the currency that keeps it growing and thriving. Without kindness, it just means you are willing to suffer and fight for your limitations.

Need help with yours? Just ASK for help.


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