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‘Tis the Season for Magic

‘Tis the Season for Magic, meaning it’s never too late to show your kindness and begin a practice if you don’t have one. Let’s do #The12DaysofGiving together.

My friend Carol over at Send-out cards is promoting the #12 days of Giving, when you register your mobile number, they’ll send you a suggested act of kindness to do everyday. I thought this would be a great post.

The holiday season is a beautiful time of year to experience deeper connections with those around us.

This year, I am excited to be participating in #The12DaysofGiving – a movement created by SendOutCards to help everyone connect with others through kindness and to get us all into the spirit of giving. 

Here is an explanation of what #The12DaysofGiving is and how you can participate!

Get Started

Join us in sharing magic during the holidays by participating in #The12DaysofGiving movement. We will be sharing 12 prompts – one each day, to help you complete acts of service and connect with those around you in the spirit of the season.

Sign-up to receive daily text messages by visiting my SendOutCards website and submit your telephone number.

While submitting your phone number to receive the daily prompts, sign-up to send cards from SendOutCards to complete your daily prompts. It’s that simple.

Together, let’s celebrate the holiday season by following our promptings and sharing love and light all around the globe. I hope you will join me and the hundreds of others who have already joined the movement.

We will send out nothing but kindness into the universe, expecting nothing in return – it’s called sending to GIVE. Let’s do this. #The12DaysofGiving #SendOutCards.

‘Tis the season started on Monday, the suggestion was to buy someone a coffee, I did this yesterday for about 3 hours. If you want me to buy your coffee call or text me and I’ll let you know where I’ll be. People really appreciate the gesture and feel good about it. Just gives them a bounce in their walk and it uplifts a persons spirit.

Need help in telling your Kindness story? Have a business and want to get the message out, having a hard time with the message? Check out Robert Mattson’s podcast – he mostly works with sales people and we are all in sales in some aspect. Telling your story, for me to help you have better engagement in your workplace challenges. It’s all about communicating. #relationshipsmatter.

I have a new service that I am going to be offering – as soon as I get more details nailed down I’ll let you know. I believe this will help people open up, get to know each other better. Stay tuned!


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