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Underused ways to Retain your Employees

Underused ways to retain your employees, here are nine different companies who have great results in keeping their employees. It’s not a secret.

1. Cindi Ward from Layne & Associates, LLC

I think one of the most important things you can do for your employees is listen!  I try to include my core group of employees on important decisions that affect the day to day operations.  We try to have lunch away from the office monthly to share any ideas for improvement and just to have that down time.  Our atmosphere is very stressful due to deadlines and attention to detail is a must.  Rewarding my employees with a gift card and the occasional “attaboy” goes a long way.  We all like to feel important!  My employees rock!

2. Andrew Kreick from Clearmark

There’s no secret to employee retenion. They are people just like me. I serve them, and help them to  create great work. This approach seems to be working.

3. Gary Palmer from Agent Elite Inc.

Make your employees actively a part of as many decisions as is feasible.  Ownership is about more than stock options and equity, its about feeling like your voice is heard, and that your ideas and opinions can shape the environment in which you work.  Engagement can’t be synthesized and shouldn’t be forced.  Engage with your employees by… well engaging with them… ask them questions, solicit their ideas and suggestions… and most importantly, give credit where credit is due.

4. Joseph DeLuca from GIMME of Global Exposure Networking Business with JDL

The answer to this is simple.. all my employees, partners, those connected with ,, the way I engage with them is by rewarding them with endless opportunities, and we all celebrate together like family, making them all aware of there great work and accomplishments.

5. Neryk Davydov from BrandedRiches Market Your Brand

Create in promo , or an incentive where the winner will get a paid vacation for out performing sales. It will motivate every sales person in your company to compete for the prize and it will increase sales for your company. You can use a percentage of that money to pay for the vacation and once the employee know they can hit those numbers they will always hot those numbers. 

6. Andres Nunez from Keen iMarketing

Great question, To increase retention you have to really turn your focus to your employees, their experience and the culture that you are growing. Now, my advice is making a change sooner than later. Let your employees know you are being proactive. 

First, listen and create an open communication environment. People want to be heard and feel valued. If you don’t see your employees talking, engaging with each others, or with you? You have a problem. 

Ask for feedback not only on the business but yourself. Ask questions and recognize people for their contributions and ideas. You can do cultural meetings to get aligned and open up the floor. The ones that don’t speak up, go to them. See what works for your company. 

Second, transparency. Treat your employees as stakeholders. Inform them of how the company is doing. Show them the impact they make in your business and talk to them about it. Let them know they are integral to operations and get them the total view that will build pride, belonging, and personal investment into the company. Communicate both the ups and downs.

Third, inclusion, do you have a company culture that is inviting to your employees? Do they see themselves building their skills, relationships, and career under the model they would work in? While you can’t appeal to all, if your employee churn is higher than normal then it might be what you offer to them. 

Are you flexible in lifestyles and work conditions? Do you take into account the variety of your own people? Do you let them show part of their culture, embrace their differences, create experiences for co-workers to bond and learn from each other? Do you make sure that everyone has a voice even if they may not say it in front of others? 

Fourth, care about them. Do you ask about their days? Do you know them? Take a real interest in their lives, families, past, and goals. Acknowledge that their life is more than work. Do you welcome conversations about things they care about? Do you lead and direct them in the direction that they see themselves growing? Get to know the people under the position. 

Understand that currently, work-life balance is a myth and we all want to feel comfortable with our life and our ability to execute throughout our days and wherever we are.   Hope this helps!

7. Joseph Adriano from Financial Planning Specialist

I think it depends on the what industry you are trying to address.  I work with construction owners and they do not offer much in the way of benefits because the employees do not see the value to them, so they are given incentives by more cash and paid weekly.  On the other hand, I work with other business owners and they see the value in relieving financial stress off their employees mind and they provides employee benefits (including financial education) that allow the person to be able to retire on time.  They will give them tools that flow with the their life situation so they can pivot when necessary when life happens or changes such has having a baby.  

I see you are in the marketing industry and I was chatting with an owner and he was having a hard time with the same thing.  We spoke about possible giving them more incentive for bigger goals.  He had a small salary for the person but the better the production for that month the more commission they would make.  

With all of that, it is hard to say what the secret sauce is for your company but it will vary on what you want to accomplish with the employees and what they may find valuable. 

8. Jason Hunt from Merged Media

Allowing employees the option to work from home with a clear set of goals that need to be attained. We also allocate 2 hours per week to personal development where each employee share what they learned with the group. 

9. Allen Stern from Proforma Allen Stern Marketing

My suggestion to retain and motivate employees, after many years of managing a large workforce is two fold….Firstly: communication, communication and communication in every respect. Secondly, is to empower employees to take ownership and be involved and feel respected and appreciated.

Most of the responses to the question on Alignable, are similar, the secret isn’t hard to figure out. It’s always about communication. If you can jump in, you can resolve some of your issues. If you feel you would like some help give me a call, set up an appointment.

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