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What are your 5 wishes?

What are your 5 wishes? This is a document lists your last wishes, talks about your personal, emotional and  safety. They all need to be aligned to your desires.

Five Wishes provides a solid foundation for meaningful communication between providers, patients, and families about what matters most.

Increase Productivity. Decrease Unwanted Healthcare Expenses

When workers are dealing with the care-giving needs of elderly parents and grandparents, they’re distracted and often absent, which costs employers money. The caregiver-employee’s own health suffers as well, which drives up employer health plan costs too. But when goals of care are put in writing using the Five Wishes advance directive, employers save money from less absenteeism and turnover, fewer ICU visits and shorter hospital stays.

Five Wishes at Work has helped thousands of employers ensure employees and their families get the care they want. Employers who offer advance care planning have seen a reduction in unwanted health care costs while increasing trust and productivity throughout their organizations.

As for individuals and family members, it’s important to know what and how you want to be treated.

  1. Who do I want to make decisions for me, if I am unable to?
  2. What kind of medical treatment do I want?
  3. In case of an emergency, who do I want to speak for me?
  4. How comfortable do I want to be?
  5. What do I want my loved ones to know?

These questions take thoughtful answers.. witnessed and depending upon your state, a possible notarization.

I’ll be speaking with a gal, who went through this with her dad, she’s written a book about it..she told me she felt less grief and anxiety about his passing. Stay tuned for that conversation.

What are your 5 wishes? Are included in the Essential services package  along with a couple of things that I believe need to be completed.

Why is talking about death so hard? It really boils down to the fear of what is going to happen.. this is one reason that I’ve created a Life Cafe so we can have conversations about various topics. If we just pre-tend it’s not going to happen, we won’t be prepared when it does.

Also, the film about Baby Boomers Delimenia  are you ready? Will be shown in 11th of October,  Tuesday 2022. 4:00pm stay tuned, I’ll add a registration link.

If you know of an organization that could benefit to learn about and do their 5 Wishes to their employees.. please reach out. Or if you are interested in joining a group let me know as well.

Offer this package as a lunch and learn or a separate workshop format.

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