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What Do You Want?

What Do You Want? Whatever you want make it specific and clear. I got a wonderful reminder as I was reading Jerry & Ester Hicks book on Joyous Beginnings.


As of 2024, I really want to build out a Kindness Village. What is this?  It’s a smaller home community, where people who are like-minded can come together.. lease/buy for a nice place to live. I got the business plan together, now I only need is 15 acres or more.  Now just to uncover the power of believe this will be.

Have you forgotten what you want? Or you try to figure out how you are going to get what you want? I have many times. I forget that the universe is vast, what we want is already out there and ready for us.  All we have to do is claim it.

Making a decision or giving conscious deliberate thought to which you want puts yourself in a position of being a selective sifter. By making decision of what you want, you will automatically shift through the data of words, information that comes to you. You’ll receive more that which you want not what you don’t want. Wouldn’t you rather feel joyous, refreshed and have a very clear purpose?

It is possible, let me share with you a true story that I set for myself an intention, something I really wanted.

The Car

I really wanted a car, a brand new to me car. Each day I would meditate on receiving this car, I decided that I wanted a Honda or an import, standard, affordable and great gas mileage. Everyday I would think about this car and how it would feel receiving it. At the time I had about $1,500. One day someone asked me what did I want to spend – $350. I blurted out, the number just fell out of my mouth. He laughed at me, he said, I would only find a car that would be considered a parts car. I replied, that it just takes one car, one owner who would like to sell to someone who would appreciate it.

My boyfriend at the time, worked at a Jaguar/BMW store. Everyone was keeping an eye out for me. I would look in the papers, make calls, ask people to look out for me and meditate.

One day, a car was being traded in, with brand new tires, worth more than what the car was. I looked at it, it was pretty dirty inside..the mechanic checked it out and said, it would need an oil change and tail pipe. And a good cleaning. The manager at the dealership, let me have the car for what credit they gave the other guy.

Guess what I paid for this car? Let me tell you it was a Honda Prelude, with a sun-roof, standard, brand new tires. Can you guess?? Let me tell you I only paid $342. I got the few things that were wrong with it fixed. Insurance and a way I went.

By making a deliberate intention, I stayed focused, didn’t allow other people to sway what I wanted or how much I wanted to pay. By the way, I showed the guy my new car, the one who said I would only get a parts car. He was shocked.

Everyday we are creating what we want consciously or unconsciously, the more we select what we want the less confusion or negative emotion happen when we say we are overwhelmed.  This really is negative emotions, they will not produce what we really want. The question you really need to ask yourself is “What is it that I want?”

Years ago my ( hubby and were shopping,)  he’s decided he wants to buy a Tequila gift pack. (he needs more tequila like…) I caught myself getting upset that he was going to buy this.. I needed to shift my energy – I asked myself,”What is it in this moment I want?” I wanted to be happy and joyous. I just let it go that he was going to buy this. The result was he didn’t buy it. He decided that he has lots of Tequila already.

When you are going to speak to a client -think about what you want out of having a conversation with them. What do you want? Is it clarity, is it a better understanding? Do you want them to give you their business?

Shift your energy and desires..write out 2 -4 intentions for yourself. What is it that you really want?

Stay focused on what you want until it comes into fruition. Don’t allow negative people or negative emotions get in the way of what you want. 

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