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What is emotional pain?

What is emotional pain? After being one of the 500 participants in Mitchell Levys new book he asked what  my Cpop is: “It’s relieving someones’ emotional pain.”  

How do you explain emotional pain to someone, if they haven’t felt any before? It’s the feelings of an unpleasant feeling of suffering. Edwin S. Shneidman quotes it as “how much you hurt as a human being.”  There aren’t very many shortages of mental suffering.

Mental, emotional, social, psychic, spiritual or soul pain. They  all have some sort of emotional pain attached.

When I think about my own emotional pain it goes from loneliness to deep depression to burn out.  According to Shneidman, “it’s usually caused by human frustration.”  For example it could be the need for love, autonomy, affiliation, and achievements in one’s life.

By looking at what internal pain may be can also show up as external pain. Internal pain can take a long time, like a broken heart, repetitive pain that is lived over and over. The more we obsess about something, say someone is bullying you by laughing at you, you can either call them out or you allow them to rent space in your head by wondering what they said and why they said, what they did.  Is it true? 

 I recently, had someone bully me, a co-worker because he’s a type of person who likes to be in control, he is so insecure that he wanted me to know how they feel.  It’s about their pain. Not yours, so don’t accept it. This is called displacement or projections.

Emotional pain can strike, flare up, or reoccur at any time, even on days you feel the most emotionally secure and confident. Something really simple can trigger any emotional outbreak, something so unrelated will crop up, without any notice and you’’ll find yourself agitated.

I found a really good article that explains emotional pain, from the very simple issue to more complicated emotional pain.

When you are experiencing any kind of emotional pain, challenge it, is it really you, or about you?  If you still can’t let it go, get some professional help.

Here are a couple of treatments I give to myself when I feel agitated.


I put the situation in a bubble and let the bubble go into the sky or down to mother earth, asking for this situation to be released and used for good.


Usually called tapping, or emotional release tap, you lightly tap your acupuncture points and affirm what you want to happen or affirm you have no fear, that you are loved.

Volunteer or decide that you are going to feel better, happier. This solution will help you out a funk, if you are beyond in a funk, then you must seek some professional help. Don’t see seeking help as a weakness, it’s not, it’s an opportunity to heal yourself.

When you heal yourself, you then can see all the different ways of how you have not responded well to yourself and the people who are around you. Once you do, you’ll find your own ways to love yourself more. 

As Marisa Peer says, “I am enough.” You can accept who you are and you are better for it.

Emotional pain can be cured or released.. one has to be willing to give it up to have a happier life.

I encourage you to seek help. 


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