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What is Grief?

Grief is going through the emotions of the confusion, and contemplation of what is next, after experiencing the profound gift of someone who has passed.

Grieving is different for everyone, we could be grieving from a loss of job, friends passing, mental health issues, or divorce. Whenever we face loss, we will experience grief, it comes to us with a variety of symptoms, physical, feelings, thought and behaviors.

You may experience symptoms, like headaches, nausea, insomnia, tenseness, lost of appetite, pain, anger and sensitivity to noise, or just feeling just blah. Grief is a stressful experience. This stress can adversely effect your health and well-being.

Each of us have our own way of grieving, some of us cope better than others.

To move through the process of allowing yourself to grieve.. talk to you friends if they are willing to listen, go to a grief counsellor if you need help. Talk about your feelings, punch a pillow if you are angry, volunteer to help others and don’t be afraid just to say no to giving your help and support to others. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself permission, to do nothing,

We may have “debilitating recurrent pangs of painful emotions, with intense yearning, longing and searching for the deceased, and preoccupation with thoughts of the loved one,” said Mary-Frances O’Connor and her colleagues.

Even through my friends death, I find myself feeling confused what do I do next? It’s ok, I can cut myself some slack. Be generous with me. As I told a friend, just give me some space..

To bring closure for yourself.. write the person a letter, say what you need to say, and burn it at their grave site, or in your backyard. A small private ritual may allow the sense of closure. Remember the positive things about the person or situation in which you find yourself grieving. If you find yourself lonely, reach out.

Some things to help yourself to move forward:

  1. Listen to music, watch movies
  2. Write cards of encouragement to others
  3. Find a hobby that gives you happiness
  4. Join a death cafe
  5. A gal said, after losing my mom almost a year ago to very aggressive pancreatic cancer. Wearing her jewellery makes me feel close with her, and had a necklace made of a silver heart that has some of her ashes in it
  6. Join or create a dinner party with people who experience grief
  7. Write out your feelings onto the page and try to find a way to honor the person/event you lost. 
  8. Comfort others. bake..
  9. Think of details that need to be attended to and do them.
  10. Honor yourself and others by living the way they would like you to be

Hopefully you got some ideas on how to grieve and take yourself beyond the moment in time or the situation you find yourself in. If you enjoyed this article.. check out the Wellness section of the site.

If this resonates with you please let me know. Thank you

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