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What is Relationship Marketing?

What is relationship marketing – you can really grow your business simply developing friendships, by staying in touch with them. It’s a relationship strategy.

By working with a Customer Relationship Management or CRM for short. Some people believe it’s only about marketing or only about sales, I believe it’s a part of your whole strategy – as you need to think about what business are you really in? Let me tell you, you are in the people business. Business is circulated through people who like, trust and have an opportunity to connect and engage with you.

It’s starts with meeting a person at an event, or online and then you have a conversation with them, and then you develop your own program to stay in touch with this person. There are many ways in which to do this. I can help you to create your special program, as a matter of fact I have set up a few inexpensive ways in which you to get started.

Rolodex Parties:
Rolodex parties are a way to introduce you into a Social Circle. Social Circles are those people you have categorized as your referral partners. Each contact is then selected to be in a certain Social Circle based on keywords or their affiliation.

This is why I am so excited to offer you now is a series of Rolodex Parties – there will be a party for each category, once you have met and created some new contacts you can develop referral partners. Of which I will help you with this. Let me know you would be interested in being a part of the Rolodex Parties. This is where we meet, bring our rolodexes and exchange contacts with each other. Sure you will meet the people at the party, sometimes, they aren’t a good fit for you or they don’t do exactly what you are looking for.

By the way…there is no charge to partake in a Rolodex Party. It’s FREE. Being that it is free, you do have to commit in attending the party when it happens, if you do a no-show with no notice to me, you will not be accepted to join us again. These functions are not recorded so you can to listen at another time. They are live events on-line and off-line.

Join the VIP Sales Club
I’ve been hearing from so many of you who are still figuring out how you can get sales and retain your customers. What tools and resources that can really help you to either to get started or have very limited funds to get the education and inspiration you need to continue growing. 

So to help you “Grow Your Business”, I’m introducing my BRAND NEW VIP Sales Club It’s for all business owners who want to increase sales and retain their customers in the process..

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