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What Kind of Gifts of Generosity do You Offer?

What kind of gifts of generosity do you offer your customers to keep your business strong? How we treat people shows how successful we are in our lives. 

Why does this get my attention? It’s been great to watch other people write about generosity, kindness and other virtuousness in organizations for people, since I have been writing about this topic since 2009.

  • Give away a medical product for someone who has Diabetes when your customer subscribes or likes your business page on Facebook
  • Grow your e-mail list by giving something away or to your community
  • Spend five and get five or spend five and give five to your community
  • Like our business page on FaceBook and we’ll donate to…. your favorite charity or group or?
  • Foursquare offers ways for you to check into a location and get a gift
  • Give an award for the Customer of the week

Here’s some ideas to check out.

A Gift Flow 
“Circular giving differs from reciprocal giving in several ways. First, when the gift moves in a circle, no one ever receives it from the same person she gives it to…When the gift moves in a circle its motion is beyond the control of the personal ego, and so each bearer must be part of the group and each donation is an act of social faith.”  (it was a concept from a non-profit)

OurGoods is for artists.
OurGoods exists so that creative people can help each other produce independent projects. More work gets done in networks of shared respect and shared resources than in competitive isolation. By honoring agreements and working hard, members of OurGoods will build lasting ties in a community of enormous potential. For creative professionals and Artists.

I will speak words of Kindness, to those who need encouragement. 

It all means to provide heart felt experiences within your business and in your community at large. Have you ever experienced simple kindness from a stranger, from someone at work and been touched in some way that you say to your self, WOW! That was really nice!!

A kind act towards someone else without an expectation of return. To live consciously, by playing your part wherever you go or are.

I was at a networking session some time ago, and we are chatting and after I heard what a gentleman did, he asked me what I do, and I said, “I am in the Kindness business.” He said, “That’s a great business to be in.” I almost felt like feeling his forehead and asking him if he was feeling okay. In my travels of promoting kindness in business i have been called many things and comments like that was not one of them.

As this guy said, “Businesses are made up of people and without people we don’t have a business.” Great comment, how often do we forget.

Using Kindness as a strategy in planning or to improve your relationships with family, customers, friends raises the bar in how we treat people. How we treat people shows how successful we are in our lives. By the way, this includes how we treat ourselves.

Kindness for oneself would be taking time for ourselves, to re-juvenate our mind and body. Some ideas would be to meditate, exercise, have fun, socialize, a bubble bath with candles, massages, pampering, time away from people. If you don’t take care of yourself who is?

Kindness to our co-workers perhaps is to cheer someone one, give encouragement, a kind word, a smile, even just a hello! If you are not having fun and you would like to create more of a cooperative team, it may be time to set up a structure of benefits, a wellness program, a reward program, i am sure if you asked you would get lots of ideas from your co-workers, bosses and any one else who works with you.

Kindness in our community would be finding a cause that you believe in or see a need to change something and go do it. It only takes one person to start, soon other people will join you. Create a social committee if you don’t already have one, find a way to give back to the community that you live and work in.

I figured in a 24 hour period we could take 9 hours to sleep, or take time for ourselves. 8 hours with family, friends and reach out to other people. 8 hours to work. Now I know, some of you will say that you got to work more, or don’t have the time to do any of this, have you ever noticed that when you work less you actually accomplish more? Try it and see!

Enough for now!


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