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What Kindness can teach us

What Kindness can teach us about celebrating life, forgiveness and even about gratitude. World Kindness Day comes around 1x per year, why do we make a big deal?

Kindness can teach us about Celebrating life is about so many things, not just birthdays, anniversaries, just life itself it about working together, collaborating with the love of humanity. There is a song, that says it doesn’t matter if we are brown, yellow, black & white we are loved and celebrated in this world together. I liked what Paula Fellingham talked about at the Kindness@Work conference in July, 2021.

Don’t know why the audio links aren’t working..

What Kindness can teach us about Forgiveness, is something we give ourselves the gift.. we are giving the gift of not hanging on to something that is or has caused us pain and hurt. A sarcastic word, someone yelling at us, someone bullying us, past or present. It’s up to us to gift ourselves forgiveness. It’s not always easy. Who wants to go to our death bed with all this anger, hurt and other pain?

I’ve shared this before, when my mom got really sick and was diagnosed with cancer again, I sat with her to talk about, if there was anyone that she would like to forgive..

She, never would answer my questions about her childhood, she said it was too painful. She did have a cousin that teased her a lot, my mom was not going to ever forgive her.

I asked why?

Because this girl, had cause her so much pain.

After trying to be compassionate, I said mom, “forgiving her, it would be a gift you give yourself” – this cousin would not even know that she forgave her. And most likely, she may not even know how much paid she caused my mom. (I’ll never know who she was). When my mom passed, she was still angry at her and likely me because at some point of time there were hurtful words expressed. (my mom and I did ask for forgiveness and said our I Love You’s, before she passed).

Why wait? Why wait for spring or summer or fall? Do it now!

Homework: Make two lists – one for those you want to forgive and one for those you want to ask forgiveness from.

Here’s a video about Forgiveness.. even in the most unexpected places. It was very good.

What can Kindness can teach us to be compassionate with ourselves and others.. when we forgive, we heal our hearts and our vibrational energy.

Barbara Vercruysse – kindness

What kindness can make a difference, I know all like Simon Sinek.. here’s a short video to explain how kindness can make a difference.

Yes, World Kindness is on Nov 13, wouldn’t be great if you would be willing to forgive someone, celebrate with someone, be compassionate – patient, there are many things we can all do that Kindness can teach us.

  • Take someone out for coffee/tea have a conversation
  • Ask for forgiveness
  • Spend time with someone
  • Speak kind words and deeds
  • Give gifts of kindness
  • Give of yourself, your time, your ear or voice
  • Write down your wishes – your will, start creating your legacy that you want to leave behind.

Blessings, and a happy kindness day!


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