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What Makes a Good Referral Partner?

What makes a good referral partner? We all have our needs and requests of people to be great referral partners, it’s all based on core principles and preferences

You know sometimes it’s just hard to really define that certain category of whom we want more referrals from or who we want to work with.

Here’s an overview what we came up with our last call:

  • People need to be a recognized expert
  • Be honest and have integrity
  • Be focused or be present so you can give a good referral
  • Have synergy with each other
  • Got each others back
  • Similar values
  • Feel you can trust them to take care of your clients
  • You like to help others win, it’s not just about a race
  • You want to plant seeds to have better relationships with your referral partners, your clients and associates.

We live in such an instant gratification world right now, that when we don’t get the kinds of referrals or partners we want we think it isn’t working. It takes time to plant the seeds for them to sprout. A farmer plants his seeds and waits for the crop to sprout.

This reminds me of a time, when I was setting goals for myself, and they weren’t coming to me as fast as I wanted them to come so I would change my mind about having the goal that I wanted, for sure it wouldn’t arrive, because I cancelled it.

One of my friends said, “Once you surrender your goal, it other words let it go to allow it to come to you, leave it be. Quit going to the curb to recycle it.”

You need to be clear in your communication of what kind of person or company is going to tick for you. A good place to start is to define who they are both clients and referrals partners. Read more about Getting Referrals in a Social Circle. Why you always need to be grateful for the relationships and referrals you do get. 

Your referral partners are based on relationships you have established for yourself. The people around you, what are their values?

What are your values?

Are they the same? 

Why do you want referrals? 

What part of the relationship values you are going to honor? For example, say you have a referral partner that sends you many introductions, and you just can’t find a way to reciprocate? Ask them what you can do for them – it may not be the same number of referrals. Could be that what you do refer to them is more valuable.. like other podcast shows, or other collaborative relationships they can develop for themselves.. and the other person.

When making a good referral partner – you want to both benefit otherwise it’s not a good choice. Some people join groups like BNI, where one category is only allowed. If you already have relationships established the group may not work out well for you.

The group will give you new people to add to your referral circle or social circles, is what I call them, you still need to make a plan in how you are going to people to work with you.. I encourage you to think about who and why you want to work with the other person.

I look forward to your comments of what a good referral partner means to you and what you are seeking.

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