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What makes you happy?

What makes you happy is sometimes a hard question to ask ourselves, as most often we know the answer to what we don’t like or want.

The answers really come from what our core values are.

When you have a philosophy of being in service you then to pay it forward more often, it lifts you up. You have a sense of gratitude. Givers are kinder & happier, there is a sense of gratitude. More honesty and truth tell, you make time for more fun. You get enough sleep, practice forgiveness, you love yourself, know that you are lovable, appreciate yourself, trust yourself and others. 

It was once said, “the past is a lesson, and the present is a gift”. We can learn a lot from our memories, in particular, how we’ve related to ourselves and others in the past, and use our experience as a guide to help us know what we really want or makes us happy.

Here’s a couple questions you can ask yourself.. to help you find out more about you.

1. What is the earliest memory that you can remember from your childhood? (Try to recall a specific event or experience, not just a feeling or impression)

2. What are the impressions you have of yourself in this memory?

3. How has this memory contributed to the evolution of your personal history and past behaviors or actions?

4. Is there something that stands out and prevents you from being happy or you discovered something you forgot about?

One of my clients, remembered that when she was growing up, she had a dog and the playful times as a little girl she shared with this dog. It brought a smile to her face.

We need to appreciate to understand the value of love and be compassionate towards ourselves before we can towards each other. In order to be happier, we need to define what it means to ourselves.

5. Who do I need to be to attract or find more happiness?

6. Do you have any non-negotiable values you have about being happy?

When we have been through some struggles we learn more about ourselves and what we are grateful for. This past month, has been full of upsets and learning opportunities for me to let go of things that don;t really matter and surrendering them. I’ve also learned that some things are ok not to have too. Being happy comes from a place of just being at peace of where I am in the present moment. This is sometimes all there is.

I haven’t written on my blog for a few weeks, I’ve been working for someone else, by the time I get home, too tired to write or there are other things/people that demand my attention. I feel I am finally in a place to say it’s ok, I am only one person doing her best.

I approve of this message – The Kindness Matters Conference was moved up to January 26-28th, 2021. The page for the event is being updated.. I’ll share more about this fabulous 3 day event it’s really about the ROI of Kindness. It starts with me. And you. Individually to make a difference in our own lives and ripples out to the lives of other people.

Until next time look forward in hearing about what makes you happy.


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