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What profound life are you creating?

What profound life are you creating? I write this as a reminder to myself – looking ahead what is my purpose, what do I want to achieve in five years from now?

Most people at the beginning of the year think about their goals, and ask themselves these questions. I didn’t do any of this. However, recently I attended a workshop or workshock about dreaming again. Thinking about the possibilities that are open to me.

Kimberly Wiefling, leads workshocks around the world to help people become better teammates for greater success as a whole.

In the class, there are 9 of us, there were a few of us on the same lineage. What really showed up for me, when I was creating my collage or vision board – my soul was expressing itself. I wanted to get some clarity for myself. What’s next?! What came up was World Kindness. Surprisingly, not really surprised. I looked at where and how I got started to where I am now. A bit stagnated, now renewed and refreshed.

Where would you start if you wanted to create more Kindness?

I do know the end result. It’s celebrating on a cruise ship, a party – we’ll have workshops, awards and make it a really fun trip. To get there I need to put something more into action.

Back to the opening question “What profound life are you creating for yourself?

  • Is it for your business? Your personal life?
  • Something you have always wanted to start, just a little scared?

We need to remember that our actions speak louder than our words. So let’s keep our personal dreams front and center as we set our intentions  our interactions with others, and decisions that we make to move towards out soul expressions / our dreams. If your dream scares you a little bit, then you can grow into it.

Can you introduce yourself and share with me your dreams?

What is it that you are passionate about, how can I support you to get there? Does it mean we do a Zoom call to check in with each other to see how we are doing? This is kinda what Kimberly suggested.

In appreciation,


Read more about Kindness here.

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