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What they don’t tell you about

What they don’t tell you about having your own business. Got lots of clients? And are they keeping you busy? That’s great! Who’s doing your marketing and promotions for you while you are busy with clients? 

Written by Mari-Lyn (Hudson) Harris– a Marketing Consultant – The Marketing Dr. at mari-lyn(at)

Yes many years ago I used to call myself the Marketing & Sales Dr… it was funny actually more about a catchy name and how I was serving start-up Entrepreneurs.  This post is also about my BIGGEST LESSONS.

 It’s been great to work for my clients, getting paid and helping them, to grow their business,… until the day arrives that I didn’t or don’t  have any clients next to serve myself.

Does this sound familiar?

We need to keep the funnel going. Many of us have hidden profits in our business, so where is it?  Do we know where to look to find the hidden profits or opportunities to keep the flow going?

Some of the action activities’ that we need to implement is developing a system that allows us to keep attracting more clients in the funnel. Here are a few ideas in how you can improve your systems:

  1. Write down everything you do when a client arrives – this will help you to develop your own system.
  2. Set-aside extra cash so that you can spend if you need to for marketing purposes
  3. Book time just for you. This way you are making space for more opportunities to come your way. Refrain from running up and down the coast looking for clients. 
  4. Surrender, give yourself a break
  5. Spend time with friends, family and activities or hobbies that you have
  6. Be flexible with what comes to you
  7. Write down what you can do for your current clients in getting referrals from them
  8. Write a list of things that you can do to help you attract your clients faster
  9. Make a list of things your clients have been asking for that you don’t provide and see if somehow you can offer it, even if it means you partner up with someone else to deliver it.
  10. What communication tools or tactics do you use, make a list.

If you need further help in increasing your clients, or profits then come join the Marketing Circle and get some ideas to do this. I would also be available to help you on a one on one basis as well. Serving Entrepreneurs who are change makers.. is an easy way to find out.  What they don’t tell you about having your own business Things you learn on your own. That’s tough!!

Back then when I heard about how some people were running funnels, it gave me a not good feeling about them and in some aspects I didn’t really understand them well either. I never really encourage using a formal funnel company.

It’s now 2023 about to be 2024, and I have to say, that I have been studying funnels, how they work and getting them to work for me.  I’ve been creating funnels to get leads for my master classes and yes for the Change Maker Summit happening in February, 2024.

One needs to check out for themselves what kind of sales tools they want to use themselves, to have leads to continually coming in. As you likely know already we are in the marketing and sales service when we have our own business. If you want to take your business online, you need something to catch someones’s attention enough to  say YES! I want that!  

What I have learned over the past few months, of how many people have given up on learning how funnels work. Once you understand the basic principles it’s easy just to embrace the tools that are offered to you.

Let me recommend Click Funnels..  I just finished what they call One Funnel Away or OFA for 30 days.. yep just going to be finishing this week…I decided to learn more about it, using my Summit to help me understand more about it.  It’s FREE, there was a small upgrade, where Russell offered live coaches to to answer our questions. Hopefully, he’ll do more of this the next challenge.

Think of things like a newsletter, a podcast, a magazine, direct mail, a Master class that you can offer. Create partnerships, collaborate.. oh, you can still subscribe to my newsletter which is my blog. What they don’t tell you about having your own business, some clues are in this post. I would encourage to  spread your wings to learn how to get more sales.

In a week or so, give your business the gift of having more sales and Happy New Year!


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