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What’s a Money Tree?

What’s a money tree? I like to call it a visual view of what your revenue streams (money) for your business looks like, it’s a visual perspective.

This painting represents a money tree. Some call it a place where you can visit in your imagination. I call it a visual view of what your revenue streams for your business looks like.

Money Tree

One day I was out walking and hugging the trees and looking at them, even while it’s winter, they all have a vibrancy that I saw in each one of them. The tree that I painted represents my business. The seeds that I am planting, that you are planting to grow your business, the trunk being strong, growing with several branches. Each color represents a different revenue stream that I and you can add to make the other branches healthier and continue to flourish.

Many of us, have created a plan in what we intend to create in our businesses, the marketing initiatives we are going to launch and what avenues we are going to reach out to our community to help us to learn and prosper.

Know that we don’t always have the answer in “HOW” we are going to have a rich abundant tree, we just need to take the next step. Allow yourself to not know all the answers they will be revealed as you reach the next step. This is what I am becoming to know. Have faith, trust and believe in all the possibilities that are all around you. Start saying “YES,” more often. Even if you say yes to something it may not be your time, you are just letting the universe know that you are ready to receive.

Receiving from a giver’s point of view is to challenging sometimes. Unless we are willing to receive we cannot have all what we say we want out of our businesses. I learnt a very simple lesson from a young man, he said “if you give someone a $5.00 coffee card, and they don’t want to receive it, then likely they have a hard time receiving.” Do you want to work with people who can’t receive?

I love my money tree as it is vibrant, healthy and ready to receive to have a flourishing business.

How about you?


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