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What’s the mystery of kindness?

The mystery of kindness is that many people like to promote it, share it, however they themselves may think it doesn’t work, so they don’t practice it.

I took on a job for a few months the girls in the office are young, they for some reason seem to think if they assert themselves as bosses it positions themselves as in authority. They are rude, they don’t use common sense or listen to the people they are supposed to support or serve. From what I have experienced, they keep pushing boundaries and enjoy mistreating me. I thought it was just me, I have learned since they do it to other people.

I’ve had to find new ways to deal with this kind of behavior. Is Rudeness working for you?

How would you handle this kind of behavior, would you speak up or just let it slide?

One of the many things about the Kindness@Work Conference, is that you’ll learn about how to address the behaviors that aren’t working well in your life or workplace. The speakers will share stories of the various things they have tried and what is working.

Chris is one of our speakers for the conference..I enjoyed him that last conference so, I invited him back for the Kindness@Work Conference in January. The theme is about the RIO.

What'S The Mystery Of Kindness?

Chris Salem

Works with c-suite leaders to help them create a healthier culture, based on effective communication and establish their values to create a high growth business.

What'S The Mystery Of Kindness?

Brian Biro

He’s actually the author for the book of ROI of Kindness. I didn’t know there was a book about it – there is. Brian is a public speaker, who speaks about how Kindness can benefit your workplace and business.

Chris & Brian are two of the twelve speakers who will be presenting. They will be very good I am sure.

Is Mental Health issues been on your mind lately? Would you be interested in attending monthly webinars about Mental Health? I’m going to start hosting them this month December, 2020 and monthly thereafter. If you have any suggestions or requests on topics please contact me.

Sign up for the Mental Health webinars by clicking this link. It will take you to a form to fill out to get notified when they are happening.


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