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What’s the Role of Appreciation?

What’s the Role of Appreciation? Have you ever gotten to the place where nothing is working in your life?

It didn’t matter if you had a job that wasn’t working out, or that you don’t have any customers or you didn’t have enough money to pay your bills or you felt your life wasn’t joyful anymore?

I felt this way BIG time in 1999, I was working part-time, a contract ended and I just couldn’t seem to find work that actually paid anything worthwhile. Everything in my life at this time was going down hill, sure there were jobs not the kind that were paying anything. Even my car needed a new engine, everything around me felt..disastrous.

During that time, I had a very good friend who suggested that I just surrender it all. Surrender for 30 days or more. I had 30 days to come up with the rent money, and I felt nothing else was working so I said sure, why not.

My friend said, you can call me whenever you want to talk or you need a little encouragement. I said, ok. For for 30 days I walked around, slept, went for walks and just surrendered. I would call my friend on some days 10x in a day, saying I don’t know if I can keep doing this. (this was because I believed in taking action was my cure) She would just say you are doing great!

One day, I decided I was going to watch TV, however I couldn’t get the clicker to work, after that I started to laugh, because I realized that I really didn’t have control all the time. I started to write down, what I wanted and appreciated what I had. I had a potato, I had a few cans of food, I had friends that I could call and so forth.

Soon, opportunities started to come to me. I would write down all the wonderful things that were happening in my life. And how I was appreciative, I was of this experience of surrendering gave me. I did ask God, to help me.

What really happened in my life was that I learned to ask for help, I manifested something that I really appreciated.

One of the things I learned was to be kind to myself. I also appreciated that people at this time really wanted to hear what was going on in my life and not the Marketing Spin or story.

From there, I started doing “Kindness Summits” or Conferences about how Kindness can really turn your life around and how it can really make a difference in your workplace.

I also got a perfect job that I loved doing..guest retention. Working as a Concierge. I just continued to appreciate all the things I did in this job and what it brought to me.

What is appreciation?

It’s the vibration of true love, that feeling of being in love. Love and appreciation are identical vibrations. It’s about being who you are. Feeling good. When you focus on what you want your life to be, you will come closer to appreciation. Appreciation is that tuned-in, tapped-into and turned-on feeling.” by Abraham Hicks

If you are in a similar situation, start surrendering of what you don’t have control of. Get into the place of hope and start appreciating all the you have. Even if it is just that potato that you have in kitchen. Or appreciate that one customer that you have.

Start making lists of what you want, fill your notebooks. Make lists of things and situations that you love. Go to places for the things you like best even if it is just one thing. Give this exercise your undivided attention.

It is not your job to transform everyone else, it is your job to transform you.

Start a blog, write your experiences out if you would like. Take my “Marketing Your Blog Series.” It will help you to discover and appreciate all the ways how you can transform YOU!

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