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What’s Your Social Currency?

What’s Your Social Currency?  When I started Heart@Work it began to as a Training company to bring an awareness of Kindness in our workplaces.

I started to write on the topic of Kindness, Thought Leadership and Social Good.

This past week, since I have been writing about relationships, I took a look at the various articles at to see what I have already posted. I found five or more articles about Branding and Relationships, here is one that is really about our own Social Currency. Originally, I wrote this article April 2007.

After listening to Tim Saunder’s tapes, “Love is the Killer App,” everything seemed to jell for me. Like  “Why I ought to adapt Kindness in my business?” or “Why is Love the Killer app?” You’ve heard of “Show me some Love?” I means share my content, tweets, show me some appreciation.

Kindness is a verb. It takes action to create the Peace, Love or Joy that we say we want so much in our lives. How much do we really want it?

We are all starved for Attention – yet who is paying attention to us? It seems people are all very busy doing life and then every once in awhile – time stops and life gives us an opportunity to think about what we are doing or what we want out of life. And how are we going to get the Attention we think we deserve.

Here’s 10 excellent reasons why you may want to consider in improving your Social Currency.

  • People will Love to do business with you
  • Your life will be enriched with social currency
  • You will retain a higher percentage of your employees and clients
  • Your differentiation will be memorable
  • You will add a premium value to your biz
  • You will gain respect, attention and support from yours clients and peers
  • People like doing business with nice people
  • People will do business with whom they like, trust and feel appreciated
  • You will have a powerful and valuable leverage
  • This new economy doesn’t have room for uncaring or unkind people
  • Your clients/customers will Love you for it

Tim Sanders believes that “Nice, Smart people Succeed.”

Thinking about what is your Social Currency for some organizations believe it’s about more engagement between companies and their consumers. If you read the information about social circles, then this will get you started.

Discover Praxis has a great articles about developing your social currency

My view point is more about developing your own personal social currency which will affect in having a happier life. What do you think and believe?

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