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What’s your why?

What’s your why?  We all are passionate about something.  Listen in as Barbara Anne-Gardenhire interviews me about kindness. How I, weave it around.

Join show host Barbara Anne Gardenhire-Mills, MSEL, CPC for candid conversations with all types of leaders about why they do what they do in their professional and personal lives, and how they turned their passions and goals into realities. Today Barbara Anne is joined by Mari-Lyn Harris!

I don’t even remember what I said, I know my why, has been kindness, and I have weaved it in an out in my life at some time or another.

Most likely your why started at an early stage, something wasn’t working, or you wanted to change something. I hope you enjoy the interview. I would have to say, I like a conversation call better than  being interviewed for a TV show, check it out. What’s your why?

You can find Barbara on LinkedIn, as well. A former SBA coach on onto your own show and coaches clients.

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What The Why?!? with Mari-Lynn Harris

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