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Where to Find Support Being an Entrepreneur

Where you can find support being an Entrepreneur is through your mentors, associations and experts.

How To'S

Some years ago, in fact, September 2007 by best friend Dr. Bette Daoust and myself put together a package for a Business Association called the Master Biz Builders. We both knew at the time that every business has different stages of growth that you as a business owner will go through. I knew this when back in the early 90’s when unemployment was high and people were creating their own jobs with what they knew.

The program was designed to provide a class three days a week covering a wide variety of subjects. More and more business owners I personally find can benefit from taking refresher courses to keep them learning. This kind of offer was to be simple, effective to offer tools to help any business to collaborate, co-operate and compete. Currently, there is a global demand for information, how to’s for business development.

This demand is once again needed as now many people are unemployed, or thinking of starting their own businesses simply because you know you have something to offer to help someone else in their business. Whatever it is, there are people who want to know and benefit how it can help them grow their business.

I’ve been writing on my blog for several years, and this isn’t my 1st one either. I first started blogging in 2004, when I wanted to get the message out about Kindness and how much effect it can have on your business. This has to lead me into being a Relationship Marketing Strategist. You see, one thing leads into another and most of the time it’s never a direct line, it always goes into a zig zag. I’ve experienced many times where am I going? What am I doing? The tendency is to change direction and go into another route. I can tell you from experience that you must stay focused on what you are doing. By all means get help as you go along.

Right now, Heart@Work is offering a variety of courses to help you along the journey of self-employment and in growing your own business.
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