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Where to Market Your Business Now

Where to market your business is about knowing who your customers is, how you are sharing your content, being of service and developing friendships with people.

There is nothing like having information and not sharing it. It reminds me of a guy I knew who would rather peel an orange in his pocket and than share that orange with anyone else.

People who say they know some secrets and don’t want to share it — Guess what, the universe gives you ideas and if you don’t act upon them, those ideas that you are hoarding, the Universe will give to someone else, who will do something with the ideas. There are more than enough or plenty of ideas to go around. Hoarding them isn’t a very effective strategy.

I had an idea about referral networking – I spoke to a guy of whom I trusted that we would do this idea together – NOT. The idea to him was so good that he partnered with someone else and left me out of the whole game plan.

He was, excited it was all coming together for him..told me about what he was doing after they got the site launched. When I found out about it – I wasn’t very happy I was MAD. Was I hoarding the idea or was he just a guy that I shouldn’t have trusted?

The media needs you, publish your content, you never know what can happen. Nothing teaches like writing, as the ideas flow, more ideas get triggered. You have more clarity as your write and the reader will get inspired by what you are sharing with them.

Sometimes we get ideas and we aren’t quite ready for them, put in a source file folder so when you are ready to utilize them you can write about them or implement them in your business later.

As you have content to share you’ll be seen as an expert in your field. I am challenging you right now to share your content. You can publish it, on a blog, article writing, video’s, do tele-courses, wherever there are many places.

I recently submitted an article for consideration for Marnie Pehrsons’ upcoming book, it’s so new that she doesn’t even have a name for it yet. The article I wrote was about “Believing in Your Dreams.” It is a story about when you don’t believe in yourself what happens and what you can do about it.”

If you got a story to share, write it out and share it, find people to do a JV with or submit your articles to some reputable article places. Like, Hubpages, or Ezine Articles or Idea Cafe or be a guest blogger for someone that is in your niche. The key is you want to strike up a relationship with people maybe other writers and collaborate.

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