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Who are Your Ideal Customers?

Who are Your Ideal Customers? It’s the biggest question we all have to answer in order for us to gain customers and sales. Otherwise you are just reaching the wrong people.

You don’t have time for the wrong people to engage with.

I found this in the archives, about marketing to your ideal customers. Whether you a re an artist, or providing a service or product you need to know who they are.  The question is “Who are your ideal customers?’   The favorite answer is “everyone.”   This to me means, you don’t have any or they are the wrong ones.

Here’s an example:

Our Ideal Customers are:

Our ideal customers are connectors, people, projects and services that inspire us. They remind us that we are stimulated thru our relationships, intentions bold intuition and spiritually connected. 

We promote ourselves by helping others to be successful in their business. Our clients and partners are ethical, live their values, who are  mission driven. 

Our clients desire to learn new and different ways that will provide immediate and sustainable results. They share who they are, have integrity and keep giving easily without effort. They refer often and easily. They are open to new partnerships. 

There is a continual flow of inexhaustible wealth that flows to all of us. We are perfect for each other. We have abundant resources available to us. Our clients use their resources to make a difference in the world. We are seeking the perfect collaborators to assist us. Our clients are seeking us.

Because if we are clear who they are, they know that we are one of their tribe members..or people they want to hang out with.

All is well, everything that is happening right now is perfect.

The Change Maker Community provides:

What do we need to improve on attracting our Ideal clients?

  1. Reach out to Associations, Speakers, Subscribers, Partners, Sponsors and Advertisers by making 10 calls per day
  2. Introduce new ways to touch our clients hearts
  3. Write press releases, sales letters, ad copy, 
  4. Keep writing in our Ideal client profile to help us to stay focused
  5. Network
  6. Join the national and the Chamber Councils
  7. Show our appreciation for our clients and partners
  8. Develop a solid client list
  9. Do direct mail letters or broadcasts
  10. Increase our loyalty factor even just by 5% to be financially healthy
  11. Sign-up 10 Affiliates who would be willing just to refer to us
  12. Start planning a Kindness Conference for Nov 10-13th, 2024
  13. Commit to have  15 community members in Change Makers Circle
  14. Increase our basic subscription rate to $38
  15. Create an Advertising package for our Associations
  16. Mail out our newsletters to every subscriber
  17. Hire virtual assistants to take over some duties so we  can work on the business to expand it

If you could write up something similar it will become easier for you to reach your customers, alliances and mastermind partners. It will bring clarity to who you are actually serving,

One of the gals I mentor has been struggling to figure out her customer is.. the other day she said, most of the people she works with are those who don’t like to promote themselves.  They are shy or just uncomfortable promoting or spreading the word about themselves and their business.

I read recently in a newsletter article about procrastination. The guy was saying when you think of something, don’t say I’ll do it later. Just do it! Even if it’s getting a glass of water. Oh, I got to call that person.. don’t wait until later as it likely won’t happen. Just do it. You’ll find you’ll have more time on your hands.

I invite you to join the new Community at for Heart@Work, friends, subscribers and supporters, look forward in serving you there.

Until next time, Be kind!

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