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Who is on your care team?

Who is on your care team? Begins with you, create a friend and family phone list. These people on your list are likely willing to assist you with your needs.

I’m just going to share a few stories or why you need to start creating your care team.

Was Calandra Cook prepared to plan her mothers funeral, with no close family to help? Suddenly she was responsible for everything, which she did in a daze.

You see…

Dr.s’ had warned Calandra that her mother’s lungs were getting weaker, her heart rate was too high, and her oxygen levels were too low. But Yolanda Meshae Powell’s death still came as a shock to Calandra and her three younger siblings, who couldn’t talk to or even hug their mother before she died. “I had to say goodbye to my mom through a glass window,” Calandra says.

When my mom died, my safety net died with her,” Calandra says.

Calandra says,  she’s going to take some of her mother’s favorite advice. “I can hear her telling me to put my big-girl panties on.”

“What we give to others, are the best memories.”  Marshall Childs

I read an article about the millions of children who are now orphans because of COVID. read more.  The parents of these children didn’t have a care plan or team. I realize some of these children came from poverty stricken areas, it’s something we all ought to be thinking about now.

Long Term Care is at a Crisis right now, as there is already a shortage of people – caregivers who are available to help now.

Why wait to put a care team into place before the unthinkable happens?

Bryan (52) has been caring for his 54 year old wife at home, since 2016. He got a call from a sister-in-law saying they couldn’t get into our house. He knew, “his wife was at home, he rushed over to the house. He could only open the door about 2”  his wife was on the floor. She  was alive, however  just has a massive stroke at the age of 48.”

“Carol, (64) works FT and cares for her husband 70.  Her husband work FT and rode horses, rode 150 mile bike rides, taught horse lessons. One day he came home and dropped from an aneurysm.  Living in rural Texas, he had to be airlifted otherwise he would of died.

These are just a couple of stories, I hear so many and wonder why isn’t there a care team?

There’s much confusion about what care options there are, so you start searching on line for “caregiver.”

Who is on your care team, should be:

  • Friends and family who can spare for a couple of hours if you are caring for some one who needs 24 hour care
  • A medical team – Dr.s, Hospice (not just for dying), Palliative care
  • Death Doula – although not medical, they are very beneficial to help and guide you
  • Your financial team, estate planner, brokers
  • Friends, family and neighbors to break the ice, share jokes have fun with

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Phone lists

This is a new thing I’m doing – something new.. when I get out of bed, I put my feet on the floor and say “I rejoice in the day, my light is still on and I am loved!”

Who is on your care team, are people who truly want to help if you need it.. if people are too busy, then take them off your friend list.




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