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Who wants help right now?

Who wants help right now? Ever wonder who is ready to receive help, who think they have loose ends? What does this mean for  you or anyone one else you may know.

I’ve been reading this book “Claim your Power” by Mastin Kipps book.. never heard about him, I went to my local book store to look for an automatic writing book or course.  This gal says, we don’t have the book you are asking for, if you go to this section it will be in there.

You know what was there?

Everything about depression and PDST…. she obviously knows nothing about automatic writing.  After looking, I went and asked another employee, he tells me they don’t have any books on that topic. You know where I found information about getting started? On YouTube…

This book about Claim Your Power, is about dissolving hidden trauma that keeps us stuck. Most of the book I’ve enjoyed supposed to read it daily.. you know me I just kept reading ahead. In the end, the question is: “Are you willing to give yourself permission to thrive?” 

You have my permission to thrive, be unstuck, move forward open up your heart, what are some things that stop you from thriving and getting the help you want..

  1. Fear of other people being jealous of you. Find people who are your tribe members.. they support you. You may just have to terminate some relationships, those who just want to rain on your parade.
  2. You have many people supporting you, don’t hide, just shine. Enjoy your fruits of  success..
  3. An intervention might be one of hardest things you need to do, in the end you’ll see how much you’ll grow, miracles do happen
  4. Cut the cords to relationships, situations or anything else you see that is stopping you from thriving.

Ask yourself these questions:

Whose permission do you need to have for your dreams to be?

Why do you need permission ?

What rules are you willing to break to have help now?

If you had permission, what big moves would you take?


One of the biggest things people need to do is forgiving themselves and others who may have hurt you. These other people may not even be aware that they have hurt you.

Would it make a difference if you told them?

One of my clients, said a relative hurt her said something negative of course she is still holding onto this hurt. I asked her do they know they have hurt you? She didn’t think so.

I asked her would you be willing to forgive them?

It’s not about them, forgiveness is to release what you are hanging onto. The other person, is still taking space or rent as some would say, that you are allowing them to stay.

After you have answered the questions above.. stop and write some letters to forgive yourself or anything else that you are still hanging onto. Release what isn’t working for you.

A few questions I’ve been asking myself are:

  1. How can my perspective help people?
  2. How can I help right now? Who wants help right now?
  3. How can I turn my goals into a mission greater than me?
  4. What would the world look like after I die, when I have committed myself each and every day.. to focus on my mission.

I see how I can help people whether they are dying or not – they have loose ends, and likely they don’t know they have loose ends.

Loose ends could look like.. doing their paperwork for retirement, pre-care paper work, the departure that they want to create for themselves. What social and community impact do they want to create or leave behind.

If you din’t get the chance to watch the film last week, about retiring and what you need to know, we are doing another one Thursday, April 28th, 6:00pm PST, invite your friends to come over for dinner, BYOB or just popcorn.. Tickets are free: .

Thank you for reading to the end.. if there is something that I helped you to thrive.. go out and enjoy your success.

Until next time…

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