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Who’s going to look after me?

Who’s going to look after me? As we age, people are asking this question the answer is really simple you are!  You have to learn to become your own advocate.

A few months ago, there was this question, of concern  “Who’s going to look after me?” As people age they are looking outside of themselves for help. To a certain degree you should. You have your neighborhood, friends, medical team, your friend circle.. and even some churches are concerned, what is the churches responsibility. It’s about building community and relationships

This past Sunday, I gave a talk about “How to build your community” and we addressed this question. Who’s going to look after me?

1 .We went down to start meeting your neighbors, get to know them, find out if there is an emergency who should they call for them?

2. Write out a friend list, people who are willing to be on your phone tree.. ask them 1st., some people are capable or want to be involved.

3. Get out and meet new people – Meet-up or host board games, book clubs at your house. Invite your friends, neighbors & strangers to join you.

4. Get involved perhaps in your church.. or community or develop interest groups. Find people with similar interests and concerns.

What are your Needs and Wants — write up a list.  We came up with:

  • Freedom
  • Driving
  • Financial Security
  • Food & water
  • Friends
  • Consistency
  • A schedule planned out
  • Having Fun and doing things enjoyable

Knowing the difference between a need and want, we found a few of them could be both. Your friend list will be very helpful, it’s like a phone tree. If there is a disaster, people might post on Facebook, I’m safe. You get sick, who can your friends call? Or perhaps how can they help you.

What didn’t come up in this list, was are your ” 5 completed?”

Do you have a Will?

If you need more help where can you go?  For many people this was the 1st time for them to look at how to build their community which eventually you do the neighborly thing of this is what friends do. We help each other!

According to the AARP, almost 80% of adults ages 50 and older prefer to stay in their homes as they age.

The Global Coalition on Aging (GCOA) examined the current state of the caregiving workforce, predicting that a national shortage of 151,000 caregivers will exist by 2030 and a 355,000-caregiver shortfall by 2040.

These facts alone tells you that we need to learn to support and help each other, otherwise you will be alone with no help.

Your next steps are:

  • HAVE A MEETING WITH EVERYONE WHO IS ON YOUR CARE TEAM – INVITE THEM OVER FOR PIE & COFFEE, share your wishes with them.. pick a couple of people who will honor your wishes
  • SHARE YOUR WISHES, NEEDS AND WANTS to everyone. Medical team, professional team, your friend circles.
  • WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN IN YOUR LEGACY a succession plan, get a trust.. plan for the future.
  • JOIN GROUPS, STAY ACTIVE – meet-ups, join church activities

If you need any help just reach out to me 510-320-8332

The day we come where we will be too sick to speak for ourselves, will be too late at the very end. So our job is to speak now, way before we get sick. Non of us know the answer to the when, where and how questions, we all know for sure that we are gong to die. No one escapes death.

In the meantime we can make life enjoyable, for ourselves and others around us.

Be a Boy or Girl Scout – Be prepared. Under the resource bank, there are people that can help you, just call them

Until next time…

P.S.  Oh,  World Kindness Day event coming up November 13.. come join me. All the information is on 

We are  going out and catching people doing kind deeds.. if you can’t join us on the Sunday, then you can join us for the week online.

See you there!

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