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Why do we fear death?

Why do we fear death? Because it’s totally an unknown territory, it’s a mystery and the unknown is what terrifies us, likely the same way we came into this world.

How do we get rid of the fear?

Welcome it. Look at it, talk about it, accept it, pray about it, surrender your fearfulness about it.

All through our lives fear, loss is in our lives, we can’t manage it, loss doesn’t go away.

Some people just get themselves busy, with work, volunteering etc., they just don’t take the time to feel their own feelings. People just need to honor their feelings, be willing to listen to people without judgement. 

The idea that people need to be fixed! Or a judgement needs to be place on someone. We don’t need to be fixed, we all just want some to listen to us with empathy.

Perhaps facing death means we may loose friends, or we won’t know what to do or say. 

Grief soon comes after

Grief, is sometimes not knowing what to say,  time alone doesn’t heal us, time, love and compassion does.

When we bear witness to another pain, grief anxieties, we can learn more about life and  death. Investigate our own suffering of  fears gives a rise to passion and kindness.

Death is a human experience it’s a part of life, a human one not a medical one. Just like a birth, it’s a joyful human experience.

Invite your fears into your heart. Here’s an invitation to say to yourself:

May you have strength & support to face your difficulties in life

May you you be free from fear and it’s causes

May your be peaceful and happy

May you be loved

Only kindness makes sense..

Compassion with dying, the pain wants to come out, to be healed, the healing agent is kindness.

Do we need to die before resting in peace? No. Rest comes when we do less. Less distractions, less keeping busy,  and so forth. Our willingness to site in fear is an act of courage.

If you are ready to sit, listen, speak and share your experiences about death, grief, forgiveness, and everything in-between about life.  Join me.

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If you want to know more about what death can teach us about living fully, read “The five invitations.” written by Frank Ostaseki. He’s the co-founder of the Zen Hospice Project and Founder of the Metta Institute.

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