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Why Do You Blog?

Why do you blog? For some people it’s about becoming an expert in their field, some, to share their experiences or there are several other reasons why.

There are many types of blogging, such as voggling.. which is really video blogging, it could also be a mix. I blog as for me it’s about having a specialty and getting known for it. I’ve been more blogging about the three topics – Kindness, Marketing & Relationships.

My view is that if we are kinder to ourselves, which means we take on small steps in our own mental and emotional health.. we will be better for it. The Kindness Challenge I it, was to show the little steps that we can take to feel better.

During the pandemic I need to pivot as I went from the food business back into these subjects. What has also been important about has been the mental health challenges people are facing. did a survey to discover a few things about bloggers about the growth and trends in the blogosphere. Their website is under maintenance as I am updating this post.

57% of businesses blog to attract new clients for their business
40%-50% to make money or to supplement their income
28-30% hope to get published or featured in traditional media
57-72% people blog to meet and connect with like-minded people
39-54% blog to speak about their expertise or areas of interest

How do you measure the success of your blog?

15-28% says it the number of leads
17-31% success is based upon revenues generated
19-28% base it on Accolades from the media
28% based on Facebook likes
30% based on RSS readers if you liked this post subscribe to my blog
43% is based on sharing their content on other social media sites
47% is based on links from other sites
61% is based on the number of visitors
50% is based on comments left by their readers
50% is based on personal satisfaction

What are some improvements are you going to start implementing?

15-22% more people are going to start a blog for their business
27-30% to add video
12-21% will add advertising
29-39% will begin to get more speaking engagements
24-28% will use more mobile marketing
24% to be a guest blogger more often
40-46% to publish a book
47-51% will expand the topics that they will write about
41-57% will write more often

Technorati did a much more extensive survey, these topics were the ones I picked to talk about in more detail. After posting the stats I would like to get more feedback from you of why you Blog and what are your Biggest Challenges about blogging are. The one thing that really stands out for me were the bloggers who write about personal musing or hobbies are more into blogging. WOW!

It’s pretty telling how blogging has expanded to hobbies, crafts like a friend of mine, she’s now selling courses and has her video’s showcasing how to make the crafts with her Cricut. This is why she blogs:

I created this blog so that you will be exposed to many crafts and be inspired to try them all. I spend my time researching DIY Home Decor, DIY Crafts (& tutorials), alongside Papercrafts as a start. I have tried many other things and use my Cricut often to do the cutting for me. From this blog you will be connected to videos as I produce them, DIY sessions (Live), and blog articles going over the basics!

Artists blog too.. take Art Morehead Decorative Arts, Murals, Fine Art then he became sick and couldn’t walk. He pivoted as one of the many challenges of Artists is doing their Marketing and having a website/blog to promote themselves. He now Builds & Host WordPress Sites, Landing Pages, Promoting Creators, SEO, SEM. You can find him, until his gets his website updated.

Why do you blog? What expertise are you sharing?


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