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Why happiness matters in 2020

Why happiness matters in 2020. Have you taken the time out to plan out what you want to have more of. What is your personal vision for yourself around life.

I just made this video, about how happy are you? What changes do you want to see in your life. Looking back over 2019:

  1. What were some things you liked and wanted to add more
  2. What are some things you don’t want to experience again
  3. What are some new things you want to add

I’ve asked some questions – if you are brave enough to share them, you can post them in the comment box, or on Facebook, on the business page.

This is my one page Business / Career / Life Plan questions I ask myself:

Vision: Why does my happiness matter? What am willing to create – write just a statement

Mission: Why does my business or personal role exist – write just a sentence

Objective: What results will you measure? Is it based on the number of times or numbers of people you connect or asked for help or relationships or metrics

Strategies: What will you use, I like using a mind map, then I can see visually how it’s all going to take place and what I can do next.

Action steps: What needs to be done, break them down into steps, when you do this, then you can schedule them in rather than work or other interruptions, like shiny objects that could creep in.

  1. How will you know that you are happier?
  2. What will you do to help yourself grow stronger?
  3. How will you measure them?

Love to read or hear about your answers. If you are interested, we could do a call about sharing our experiences, see how much they resonate with each other.

There was a Harris Poll that said only 33% of us are truly happy.(2016) Would it be possible the our beliefs are running our lives and some of them no longer work for you. When we have failures there are always seed of growth and possibilities and lessons to learn from. Read more about the poll.

Rather than feeling, down on yourself or beat yourself up, just ask yourself questions about which ones brought you more happiness – expand on them. I used to say to my friends “Quit beating up on my friend.” It’s a great reminder that doing this does not serve you.

A strategy or set intentions for what you want in your life for 2020. Can help you move forward in creating a life you truly want. Just book an appointment with me.

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