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Why Kindness Matters Conference

Why Kindness Matters Conference came about with  all the challenges that are happening around our world right now, why not promote kindness as a simple solution?


Why Not?

Many organizations are looking for guidance as they re-start their businesses, be inspired to shift, to have a transformation for themselves help to their employees and their business community.

By leading with kindness, companies realize that their productivity, profits, communication, employee engagement does improve the workplace culture. The Kindness Conference is aimed at CEO’s, Business Owners/Entrepreneurs and Executive Directors. These people have the power to make the changes necessary to have the differences embraced like a well oiled machine.

I call it a high performing organization.

When we are able to eliminate bullies, racism, unkind behavior then we can spend more time listening to each other to have better and healthier relationships. A more of a supportive environment.

Black Lives Matter keep saying the policing system is broken, the police are claiming that the system is broken too. If they both agree why not come to the table and fix the broken system?

You know what it is, they both just need to put aside the past behavior that has been proven that it hasn’t worked and come with open hearts and arms to say what can we do to fix the situation?

The police find themselves looking after too many issues that they are not trained in or have the resources to do so. Black Lives Matter, just want to be heard and the violence toward them to end.

This is another reason why Kindness Matters. For a better supportive community environment.

Given that there are many opportunities that Kindness Matters, why shouldn’t we give it a try? What’s stopping us? I know people who will say I don’t know enough about kindness? What you don’t like to be treated with Kindness? We all have experience kindness in our own lives at one point or another, we can simply speak from our own experience/s.

We can go out and do some random acts of kindness, if this will help you build more practice.

  1. Do check in calls to your client and employees see how they are doing (not for work purposes, just because you care)
  2. Send people cards – I appreciate you – Thinking about you – Can I help you in any way?
  3. If you like cooking or baking drop off a dish to your neighbors. I’ve done baking and done this, people really appreciate the thoughtfulness.
  4. Volunteer once a week for an organization that you like to support
  5. If people have ideas, listen to them maybe you can help them develop it with them
  6. Donate time mentoring people – is always seeking business mentors.
  7. When Starbucks or another company has a happy hour or 2 for 1 buy a stranger a coffee or something else.
  8. If someone asks to to collaborate or do a JV do with them
  9. When you get a no, it’s just a delay keep sharing your kindness anyway
  10. Learn to say yes more often, you’ll find more wonderful people will follow along

Imagine the possibilities that will open up for you.. life is wonderful it just depends on which side of the coin you are looking at.

Until next time, Be Well.


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