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Why not fund Safe Parking?

Why not fund Safe Parking? If you have noticed that more people are being unhoused or displaced. If you own a vehicle where can you go to park safely and sleep?

We have a national crisis of not enough housing that people can afford. The word “Affordable Housing,” is an overused word and it really doesn’t mean anything. What is one persons levels of affordability, is not likely another persons affordability. The distance is too wide..

What cities are doing,  is saying if you want to build here (City) ie Fremont, CA you have to pay into a fund which really means pay higher permits if you don’t build “affordable” housing. Builders will say, well someone has to pay for building these units.. their building costs are too high. What’s the solution? I am sure there are better ones…

In our own  backyards, we have people to need housing .. there isn’t any, to what or where can people go to next?

+ Hotels/motels its expensive

+ Couch surfing, friends or family

+ Live in a tent in a park somewhere.. (now people can be fined for this??)

+ Live in your vehicle, at least you have a roof over your head.. where can you go and be safe?

Unfortunately, many people don’t really want to help other people, because they seem to think they are drug users, mentally disabled. True some are, a much lower numbers than what people think or has been reported about.

Why should we care?

There are many solution to this national crisis. According to Santa Rosa, CA have seen this happen from the forest fires.

Families, individuals, and neighbors experiencing homelessness is a challenge they have dedicated ourselves to overcome.

Homelessness can strike anyone, often due to a combination of low wages and unexpected crises like medical bills or natural disasters. Mental health and addiction can further complicate the picture. But one thing remains constant: the belief that everyone deserves a second chance.

Here are some articles I found what other cities are doing about this tough issue, that no one wants to talk about.

Safe parking programs are difficult to fund, but sorely needed

With carefully designated our location which is  equipped with necessary amenities, such as lighting, restrooms, and security patrols, our Safe Parking site ensures that participants can rest peacefully and regain a sense of dignity. Our committed staff and volunteers work to create a welcoming community, connecting participants with vital resources and assistance to help them transition towards stable housing and a brighter future.

At Alameda County Safe Parking we strive to create an environment where every person is valued, respected, and given the opportunity to rebuild their lives with compassion and understanding.

Safe Parking for unsheltered living in cars and RVs

I am involved the group called “Fremont for Everyone.”  We are an advocacy group, a voice for those that don’t feel they have one. Join us!


Fremont for Everyone advocates for inclusive, affordable housing for our residents, and ensures Fremont is welcoming of new neighbors, while remaining a wonderful community for living closer to work, raising a family, and aging in place – a home for everyone!

What is your city doing about alternative housing or Safe Parking.. love to know what’s happening.  Read more about Living unhoused.     It’s one of my causes, I’ve been sharing my experiences it been awhile that I have written about it. The topic of  “Why not fund Safe Parking?” is about providing support until there is a house or an apartment available to rent or buy.

Be kind. Start with saying Good Morning…


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