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Why not Kindness – being curious

Why not kindness – being curious to why people are afraid of this word or why people tell me that I should use another one like happiness.

As I have been doing interviews with people who are working with leaders, human resources, CEO’s, people in the management levels of companies. It seems to me we really haven’t advanced by not talking about Kindness and the things that can be resolved with implementing a few ideas to create a positive change.

Why not kindness?

When I started Heart@Work 18 years ago, it was about creating space for kindness, then too there was some opposition about how kindness could help remove some of the issues, challenges and clashes at work.

Brian Schulman one of my first speakers challenged me to get out there do more videos share my story about kindness, my own lessons etc. I posted a video today on LinkedIn and Facebook.. you can watch it here – why do you oppose using kindness rather than … what? Would happiness be better or rudeness?

It’s an interesting topic about how we view this ideas and what are we willing to do about it. When I listen to other speakers who are also on the journey of sharing kindness, we all have our own starting place it’s in the growing with it that challenges us too!. Since I have been working with Kindness for awhile, what I recognize is that it is really about self-care being -kind to ourselves. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves space and honor ourselves where we are and find that cheer leader to help us.

Align ourselves with people who have the same values we have, not being afraid of speaking out, kindness really does work. It will help your business too!

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