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Why saying Thank you, isn’t enough

Why saying Thank you isn’t enough. It’s simply because the noise that is out there. You need a plan. It’s about how you treat people, showing them that you care

The plan: Why do so many business owners not value customer engagement and relationship marketing?.

And even fewer truly commit to building engagement and loyalty, customer by customer by customer. But a company of any size can build true financial success and stability through customer loyalty. Businesses with loyal customers grow faster than others when times are good, and they have the most breathing room when times are bad.

You know why you don’t?

It’s because:
* It will take time to build up your contact base
* You don’t want to spend the time doing it or don’t know how
* You won’t invest a small percentage of the marketing budget for a
relationship marketing campaign.

Sure you send out newsletters and say Thank you, to your customers for their business.

What do you do instead?

You end up in feast or famine. I know this, because when I first started my business I found myself there often.

I kept saying, I’m not going to end up here again.

Guess what?

I did.

If you are a Consultant or Coach, I can help you get past of getting stuck of not having enough sales.

This was a hard lesson for me, as I found myself frequently helping others for free and not taking the time to build up my own practice. I was good at sales, so what was my problem?

I just didn’t know how to take it to where I wanted my practice to go. I had to figure it out. I didn’t have a plan.

This has been one of my BIGGEST lessons to learn in having my own business as a consultant. It’s been great to work for my clients, getting paid and helping them, to grow their business,… until the day arrives that I don’t have any clients next to look after.

Does this sound familiar?

We need to keep the people funnel going. Many of us have hidden profits in our business, so where is it? Do we know where to look to find the hidden profits or opportunities to keep the flow going?

After reading it, if you decide it’s for you and you want more help then join one of my Mastermind groups. The Mastermind group is for Coaches & Consultants who want to do learn how to set it up for themselves.

If you want to get more info or just want to connect, I’d Love to hear from you. Book a time

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