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Would you like to overcome procrastination? Many of us suffer from procrastinating if we have conflicts or big decisions do you avoid making decisions?

Did you know common causes procrastination, is indecisiveness and distractibility. Like let’s go to the movies, or a walk or call someone.. I went for a walk then called a friend to distract me from writing a blog post. Clear the air, kind of thing.

Who else is a procrastinator?

Edward Lee Morgan (July 10, 1938 – February 19, 1972) was an American jazz trumpeter and composer, Morgan stayed with Blakey until 1961 and started to record as leader in the late ’50s. His song “The Sidewinder. He had an album called the Procrastinator. He died, when he was only 33. His girlfriend at the time shot him, he bled to death.

They are people who puts things off sometimes, but procrastinators chronically avoid difficult tasks and may deliberately look for distractions. Procrastination tends to reflect a person’s struggles with self-control.

It can lead to a higher risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Procrastinators are also more likely to engage in self-blame and disengage from wellness advice, suggesting that cultivating greater self-compassion could help such individuals begin taking better care of themselves.

This is a great article about why.. I thought it was a good post.

Would you like to overcome your procrastination, about writing out your wishes when you exit this life of yours? Sometimes, a simple hand holding, or reasons why you ought to can help you do it. As a Wish Master, I’m here to help you get it done.

It all fits into your wellness factor, for yourself, your friends and family.. It’s a kind thing to do for those who you care and love.

Let’s get started by, reserving your seat at the Creating your family legacy, on June 15, 2021. It’s free to attend and then we can work together in a group format, so you aren’t alone to start writing out your wishes. You have the other people around making suggestions and ideas too!

If you have a business consider writing out a succession plan as well.

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