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Would you like to retire?

Would you like to retire? This film really tells us a story about what we believe retirement is. It takes a look at different scenarios what people find themselves in.

The question begs us to ask ourselves are we ready?

As many baby boomers are retiring now, between the ages of 65-68.  Since we are living longer once we became forty (40) years of age.. have we truly thought about this chapter in our lives.

Have we thought about the time when we are in our Go years?  We then move into the slow years and then we move into no go years. There are 3 different phases we enter into.

Have we thought or created a vision of what we want to have happen?

For me, I’ve always said I am not retiring, I guess that is because I enjoy working.. I’m sure in my lifetime now, I ought to be traveling – the traveling Doula. Work, travel and just continue to help others on their journey.

The more I meet people the more I am getting clearer of what I want, where to go next.

After this film ends Ngoc and will be hosting and Q and A, about this film and about where do you want to go next.
Since this is a film, there isn’t a replay. 

April 28th, 6:00pm PST until 8:30pm approx

Register here for the showing: 

After you register, you’ll be sent a link a couple of days before the showing. Although this a free showing, we still want people to register for the film. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions prior just email me, ok?

We have added another new date – invite your friends over for dinner, BYOB and watch this film. It is still in a pre-show stage.. by the fall it should be made available to the general public. I’ve partnered up with Ngoc to private ly this film. Thank you for joining us for the “Would you like to retire?

“78 million baby boomers are turning 65 now!”

The types of clients that are attracted to working with me are Baby Boomers who want to retire.  

1.  Someone who is thinking ahead to work with a guide so they don’t leave their loved ones in a mess.

2. Are people who are left with a mess and need help to untangle the mess.

3. Someone who knows someone in either position

Each client is going to be different, as  its a personalized service to facilitate tying up the loose ends.

“Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts”

Impactful Legacy Podcast

Showcasing my guests from Impactful Legacy on my blog posts.. My guests are Dr. George and Vanessa Naum, they are marriage coaches who work with physician couples to help them save their marriages. Help them to become best friends.

What is the show really about?

This is what it means to me:  “To create an impressive, meaningful, powerful experiences, leaving a legacy of what you want to be known for by inspiring the human spirit.”

Creating an Impactful Legacy shows are hosted:




Found Something Interesting?

Remember that the resource bank is a great place to find people that I would recommend for would you like to retire?

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I hope you enjoy my new format..



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