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Your Power is Now

Your Power is Now. We each have a choice, by taking in a breath in and out. Want to stay in your bubble? Some days like today, I want to go back in my bubble.

I know I have the power. I listen to meditations to help me be in my power. What are some ways you stay in your power?

Here are some mediations that will help you to develop a practice to get back into your power. Marisa Peer is very good in helping you to love yourself..

Mary Kate is someone new.. her voice is quite calming..

Being in our power is taking the time to sit, be quiet meditate – I highly recommend people do this in my wellness services. It gives you an opportunity to clear your mind, set your intentions for the day. It releases the pressure that you have to be on all the time.

I am grateful for all of you who read my content, live is amazing. All the beauty, love that surrounds me. I release and let go. Surrender all the things you feel you have to do, take the time to be with you first.

Then everything else will come together or for you. Self-care is the #1 thing that we can do for ourselves to be in our power. One breath at a time.

Here is an article on other ways to de-stress yourself.

I hope this post, helps you to get into your power and lifts you up to a more positive feeling.


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