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You’ve joined Alignable, now what?

You’ve joined Alignable, now what? You got your account set up, except that you haven’t filled your profile and you are wondering how to use the platform?

Join me, as I help you onboard
I have spoken to so many people, even the ones that I invited, joined when someone else invited you to join and now you say to yourself now what? People want to meet me and show them out to use Alignable.

I was getting frustrated, as I was sending out invite connections to them and they weren’t responding.

What’s the disconnect?

I’ve read on the forums about how people are upset that Alignable isn’t giving them any business??

I respond with, you are right!!

Alignable isn’t going to give you business or referrals as they don’t know you. Would you give a referral if you didn’t know the person? Likely not.

If you want to get anything out of a networking group or social media you have to participate.

Why do people think that someone else should just refer business to you? Did you ask for referrals? Do the people on the forum know you? Do you know them?

Have you asked your connections or people for a phone chat to get to know them better or met them in person? This is step #1

I’ve taken this upon myself to onboard people onto Alignable. I love this platform more than LinkedIn. It’s really for small businesses in your local or surrounding areas. There ought to be enough business for all of us, to support and grow each others businesses.

There are a wide variety of experts to help you use LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the like. Who’s showing you how to use Alignable? I will be. It’s one of the best sights for us small business owners.

I’d like to connect with you on Alignable. It’s the place local business owners connect, share ideas, and work with each other. It’s all about participating on the platform.

We’ll be connected when you join, be sure to connect with me, just follow me here.


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