Breaking the Bias you have

Breaking the bias you have, once you know you have them, you then can address the issues that it can cause at work for you, and in your own personal life..

What does bias actually mean?


a particular tendency, trend, inclination, feeling, or opinion, especially one that is preconceived or unreasoned: illegal bias against older job applicants; the magazine’s bias toward art rather than photography; our strong bias in favor of the idea. unreasonably hostile feelings or opinions about a social group; prejudice: accusations of racial bias.

Why is it important to address this?

If you just take the definition and break it down, just start noticing what bias you have, (or strong opinions) we’ve gained them from growing up, our experiences what we have come to believe to be true. We’ll notice it mostly at work when we are interacting with our co-workers or family members.

When I was growing up, I didn’t notice how bias my father was about black people, so much so that any people of color he would go to the parents and tell them, that their child can’t have anything to do with me. They all were my best friends. Whether he was bias or racist, it had a profound experience for me. Now I actually feel closer to black people… another reason could be that my G-G-Grandmother was black. My dad would say it’s “a skeleton in the closet.

Illegal bias against older job applicants, – if you are older trying to get a job we know there is an “ageism” issue. the Bias is about not hiring older workers, feeling or thinking they only want more pay, or are harder to work with etc. Even though it’s illegal it’s still happening.

Social prejudice – if people are different than us.. you’ve learned some bad behaviors or had some bad experiences that cause to you have a social prejudice about someone or race or group.

In one of my earlier Podcast shows one of my interviews with Matthew Cahill, his work has been about Bias. It’s important when we are talking or sharing what we do or offer that you are able not to use jargon. Every industry or type of business uses words that other people may not understand, watch your language and make sure you can break it down so people can get you. Otherwise you will lose them.

There are many other people who are working in decreasing Bias, as they do cause havoc in the workplace, especially when it comes to reducing the friction for team building purposes.

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