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Case Studies Impactful Results

Case Studies impactful results from people who received results from working with me up to 2021. 

Just recently, have launched a Kindness Challenge for those who find themselves lost, isolated and maybe low in morale. These are the case studies from when I first started Heart@Work, I hope you enjoyed reading them.

The most recent impactful results is producing the Podcast show: How to Create an Impactful Legacy. Which is really about promoting the people who are already in the space, offering assistance to HR, CEO’s, Business Owners who want help just don’t know who to turn to. It’s a great starting place. Watch the show. You can also listen to them on your favorite channel.  Apple podcasts

When I first met Renee, we were on LinkedIn, we networked together and started working with Artists and the more we interacted with each other we began to collaborate in writing articles together and as I shared some Social Media tips.

Mari-Lyn Harris is a gem of a professional and one of the best discoveries I have made in social media. She shares her extensive knowledge and talent in many areas of business and marketing with an enormous generosity of spirit. I feel very fortunate to have collaborated with her on many projects and I look forward to sharing many more with her in the future. Renee Phillips, Founder and Director, Editor-in-Chief, Manhattan Arts International

Case Study – Marketing Services

When Bliss and I worked together, were able to get to the point of how he could integrate his art and graphic design together and use Social Media to get his message out there. Success was merging everything together and not trying to hide his talents.

Mari-Lyn provides a good example of what networking looks like, and her online outlets and newsletter provide a stream of valuable  information on social networking for business and internet marketing strategies.” Blue Bliss a Graphic Designer and Artist

Case Study – Kindness makes a difference

When I first started Heart@Work – my dream was to inspire world kindness. I began using Kindness to go to workplaces to teach business owners there is another way to have a collaborative and cooperative workplace. Employees and not-for-profits got it right away. However, some business owners said “Kindness” is a fluff word, how can kindness possibly make that much of a difference?

To prove my point, I produced two “Kindness to Colleague Conferences,” and I continue to give Kindness Awards to people who are nominated by their peers. Read more about this

Kindness has been able to turn around many unkind workplaces. What are unkind workplaces?

+ Poor customer and employee service,

+ Workers not working together,

+ Sales not coming in as much as you would like, you feel you are struggling to grow your business.

+ It’s negative, people are uncooperative, there is friction or clicks within the group.

This was my biggest lesson for myself. When I am kind to myself everything else works. When I stand in my truth, I tell myself the truth. When I am sabotaging myself by not being kind to me, it will show up.

Mari-Lyn is an driven creative and visionary problem-solver with an ability to see the big picture for a business organization. She has a lot to offer to make leaders think outside the box.” Randal Adcock, MA

Since working with Mari-Lyn, we have found that having kindness@work, has given our employees permission, to be more personal with each other. This has removed the “friction” amongst the staff and improved their productivity and communication. Working with Mari-Lyn has been very enjoyable.” Brian Sherrington

Kindness to Kolleague Conference in 2001, responses.
“We really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot from the “Kindness to Kolleague Conference.” S. Farcus, HR Capital Savings Credit Union – Edmonton, AB

The speakers at the Kindness to Kolleague Conference were awesome.” Pat Plume, ESL Teacher – Edmonton, AB

Mari-Lyns’ passion for Kindness and the concept for the Kindness to Kolleague Conference shows. Keep truckin’.” L. Storgaard of Storgaard Agencies – Edmonton, AB




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