Relationships: The Party Principle

Please DO my social Media Marketing survey click here. If you haven’t figured it out by now Social Media is about relationships. So many people seem to think that the more connections you have then it’s about calling this social proof. I don’t agree simply because you can have many followers, if they aren’t willing to share information or promote you or even ask you how they can help you or collaborate with you … read more..

Marketing: Social Media Survey

In order to serve you better, I want to find out what is working for you and what is not. When Michael A. Stelzner wrote a white paper about Social Media Marketing in 2009, much has changed since then. I have also changed what I write about on Heart@Work as well. This is simply because I am more passionate about relationships, growing a community and helping people to do this, since it really what … read more..

Want Do You Want?

This was a wonderful reminder as I was reading Jerry & Ester Hicks book on Joyous Beginnings. Making a decision or giving conscious deliberate thought to which you want puts yourself in a position of being a selective sifter. By making decision of what you want, you will automatically shift through the data of words, information that comes to you. You’ll receive more that which you want not what you don’t want. Wouldn’t you … read more..

Is “Selling” a Dirty Word?

Reno and I met on Blitztime, and have kept in touch through Linkedin, Twitter – it pays to keep in touch, share each others content. By shifting and use collaboration – does work and it helps us all. How much are you selling? There I said it. Is your business where it needs to be monetarily? Frankly! Are you making enough money? Much of what I am reading lately seems focused on encouraging and … read more..