How’s your customer loyalty?

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How’s your customer loyalty? This helps you to stop to think, “How we can get more readers or surfers to purchase our products and services from our website?” If you only just tweaked a couple of things in what you do, it is more than likely there will be an increase the loyalty of your clients. There are several ways to increase customer loyalty. Below are a few suggestions that may not be new … read more..

Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning for small business owners could also be called strategic marketing. This audio call was created when Bonnie and I created a safe space for small business owners about what is strategic planning and is there a difference in calling them tactics. “What is the balance of where I am going and how am I going to get there.” What was surprising is how many people think planning is about the tactics, one … read more..

10 Lessons in Setting Your Policies

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Here are 10 lessons in setting your policies of writing and how you are going to operate your business blog. 1. Provide Web addresses linked from the website domain, not addresses from free webmail services such as Hotmail and Gmail. 2. Don’t lie to make money. The most common way is to write a glowing report about a product or service to earn affiliate revenues. It is very short-sighted to lie to visitors to … read more..

What’s in a Thank you?

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What’s in a Thank you? Why is saying “Thank you” the hardest words to say. All it is, is about showing your appreciation, that you care, showing how nice you are. If this isn’t you, this won’t apply to you. There are several ways we can say Thank you, give a gift, a smile, a ride home for someone, pick them up, it’s the little things that count. Here are a few ways to … read more..

How to increase sales by following up

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How to increase your sales by following up, here are five suggestions business owners say what works for them. Follow ups are a crucial part of any sales cycle Peter Wodek from Silverland Bakery I will schedule in my computer to email a note every week. Always keeping the same email trail below so that they know that I continue to reach out. I will slightly alter the subject line, yet always keeping our … read more..

6 Ways to Market a Local Business

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6 Ways to Market a Local Business, be strong get sales and brand awareness. Almost like growing a grassroots campaign. 1. Local Marketing Google places has now been replaced with Google my business. It’s a great place to get your business listed. For example if you are searching for a bakery, you’ll find the ones you are looking for in your local marketplace. The one near you. 2. Be a Good Neighbor In your … read more..

Are You Showing Up?

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Are you showing up? Would you do business with an individual who has NO photo on their Linkedin profile? Let us know or why not. This question was asked by a member of Inbound Marketers. This has been a rule of mine when managing groups..some people really oppose in having a picture so they upload clip art or their art or an ad. Here’s what these people expressed their viewpoint about showing up on … read more..

You’ve joined Alignable, now what?

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You’ve joined Alignable, now what? You got your account set up, except that you haven’t filled your profile and you are wondering how to use the platform? Join me, as I help you onboard I have spoken to so many people, even the ones that I invited, joined when someone else invited you to join and now you say to yourself now what? People want to meet me and show them out to use … read more..

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