Clearing your Marketing Pain

I’ve put together a series of video’s about clearing your marketing pain when you have your own marketing map this first lesson will make sense to you.


If you haven’t booked a complimentary session with me yet, do it now. This may be a stretch for you to do this assignment or maybe you will think it’s just too easy to do keep watching as every week you’ll get the next lesson.

I know it will make a difference for you, as it has already made a difference for me. Stretching yourself or pushing yourself beyond what you think you have the time for or anything else.

After chatting with an Artist – he was saying, he’s at the point of outsourcing some of his work.


This means you are now making money!

If you aren’t, let’s clear up what your pain is so you can be.

For Art, he wants to do more live streaming events, webinars etc. In this series or tips you’ll discover what’s important and what’s next for you.

Ready? Let’s go!

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