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Community is where groups and places that we can engage with each other. I look forward in getting to know to have great conversations for mutual benefit.

Kindness@Work  group:  Kindness group,  it’s where many of the guests from my podcasts join as well everything and anything about Kindness, workplace culture, and sharing your legacy.

Some podcasts are hosted at as of 2022, just promoting them on Youtube and Anchor.

Art Marketing group: Started this group when I was doing more art work and found many visual artists joined as well. I was managing a group on LinkedIn, the guy that owns the group would not pass it along to me, even though he’s never there. I said screw it, I’ll start my own group. We are in the process of expanding to have more than just visual artists, crafters, musicians, photographers, video- graphers, potters, and the like. There will be tasks related to marketing that people say they want help in.

The End of Life Doula group for caregivers, or people who are interested in getting support or talking about their challenges. I do host the 1st Thursday morning on Zoom a death cafe. it’s posted in the group..likely will life stream in the group as well.

Tiny Home Village – it’s my vision to build out a village of tiny homes, not just one wheels, container homes, a community of  people who are homeless, seniors, students and the rest of us you choose to live in a sustainable life style. The next step is to buy land and develop it enough to have homes to come on site and pay rent.

I do have other groups I belong to, these are the ones that I manage, please join whatever groups that you feel called to join. We welcome you. It’s the best place to contact me as well.

The Testimonials is the media page..a combo page.

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