Photography artists capture the pure images in front of them, visually seeing what others miss./h2>

Kevin Boldenow
Phone: (561) 722-2715
E-Mail: krb at
Kevin Boldenow’s life-long passion for photography began the moment he picked up his parents’ Brownie camera. Since that time, Kevin has built a career as a professional photographer specializing in 35mm, medium format, and digital landscape and figurative imagery. Kevin has lived in five states, including Michigan, Texas, New Jersey, and Virginia, before moving to Florida in 1996.

Kevin likes to be inspired by the density and drama of the landscape, Kevin began to work primarily in black & white, and black & white infrared film, as a way to capture the myriad textures and details found in the overwhelmingly verdant landscape.

Miron Abramovici
Website: Miron PhotoArt
mironab at
I am an award-winning photographer. My artwork spans a great range, from abstract and surrealism to portraits and social causes. I am a volunteer photographer for the Special Olympics (kids with mental handicaps) and Flashes of Hope (kids with cancer). Please have a look at my gallery and make an introduction.

I also provide free photography services for sick or handicapped children.

I’ve come late to art and I have no formal art education. I’ve been a researcher in computer engineering and I co-authored a textbook used all over the world. I am teaching (part-time) at Columbia. But these days my overwhelming passion is photography.

Many things that interest me – abstract patterns, reflections, interesting faces, rust, dilapidated buildings, the play of light and shadows,…

David Lorenz Winston
Fine Art Photography
Stillness in Nature and Surprises in the Ordinary
You can also find me at:
Digital photography is my medium. It gives me regular access to the outdoors, keeps me on the move and is my tool for observing the world closely. I love to bring order to my surroundings. I use the elements of relationship and design to this end. I also enjoy hunting for relationships between unlikely subjects. When successful, an emotional connection is made. I keep a sense of design in the back of my mind as I juxtapose subject material.

Post processing is an important part of my work. I use Adobe Photoshop and at times, Corel Painter to help enhance my photographs. Post processing involves creating more contrast and color saturation so that the image better expresses my original intention. At times I use these tools to change the color palette, add or subtract subjects, or to create a more painterly effect. I love having the same license that painters and poets bring to their work and use it with respect, never wanting to overdo.

Since our move to Ashland, Oregon in 2004 from Pennsylvania and more recently to nearby Talent, Oregon, I’ve been fortunate to have quick access to the beautiful local landscape as well as The Oregon Coast and Cascade Mountains. The other feature of this area that I love, is a thriving artistic community and friendships with a wonderful and growing cross section of artists.