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You’ll find some wonderful artists creating sculpture or free forms, and 3D work.

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Carl Wright
Abstract Stone Sculpture
Art for Homes
Art for Public Places | Corporate, Health Care, Hospitality, Public Art
304-263-2391 | carl at wsggallery.com

Being raised in DC never had any real interest in sculpture. I associated the sculptures of famous people in the traffic circles as the beginning and end of sculpture – boring. My father owned a home construction firm and my grandmother was a late-blooming Sunday dabbler of a painter. From them I inherited a love of seeing objects being put together and also of color.

I do not usually have a drawing made of a sculpture before I start. I do start with a concept or a word and that is where all the sculptures come from. Most all of the sculptures fit rather neatly into the 5 sculpture themes. They are: Motion, Striving, Music, Tranquil, Exuberant.