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Add your business to the Concierge Vendors Directory for Events. Do you do events? Seeking suppliers, vendors, speakers or people that can help you make events memorable?

Recently, through my event producing and planning, I asked a question from other Event Planners if they offer anything extra to their clients..they shared many other services and products that were related to their services. You can read more about their ideas here. As I have been meeting people asking them if I can add them to my vendor list I have had quite a few people say, “Yes, please add me.”

If you would like me to add you please fill out this form. I know the key thing is to develop relationships people is where the referrals will come from. Sometimes though we need to expand our connections so we can deliver our message to the world let people know what we do and how we can help.

All categories are open.


Thank you.

This list is specifically designed around the Event planning and producing events that Heart@Work will be doing.

P.S. Be sure to fill out the form, so you don’t get excluded.