Connect with your teams

Connect with your teams, Jenny and other people who work with leaders to learn how to connect with their teams at a deeper level.  Creating an impactful legacy.

Here’s a few people that I have interviewed about ideas, challenges about working with teams that leaders need to know about.

You can find out more about Jenny at: Creating an Impactful Legacy Podcasts She’s a Behavioral Science Expert for leaders. Listen to Jenny

Bill Lennan who works with high school students also finds the HAERT program effective for grown-ups to also to help them to connect with teams. Read more about Bill here. Listen to Bill

Matthew Hill who comes from a background of social entrepreneurship, who now a bias mitigation expert, dedicating his professional career to helping organizations¬†foster a inclusive culture. Read more about Matthew’s background Listen to Matthew

Matthew Schlegel who works with leaders to build rapport with your teammates is a key ingredient to team effectiveness. Read more about Matthew. Listen to Matthew Schlegel


Creating an Impactful Legacy – Podcast Show

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