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Creating a family legacy.” 

Why your wishes need to be documented. If you don’t, these things could happen

  • You’ll leave people in your life in a mess 
  • They may need a Go Fund Me page
  • Your meaningful acts/wishes may not be delivered
  • People may end up in fights and emotional break-ups
  • The tax man takes everything 
  • Leaving everyone vulnerable in making bad decisions  
  • By putting your family/friends in jeopardy 

Even if one speaker or story helps you to get started, you could save your family from heart-break and regret.  


Creating a family Legacy is a One Day Summit

Date: June 15, 2021
Time:  9:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Our Presenters

Don Mulford

Don Mulford

Don is a Stanford graduate, California attorney, ordained minister, cancer survivor, hospice chaplain, and published author. He speaks about finding meaning during his journey into cancer and hospice work. He now serves as the chaplain/spiritual counselor at With Grace Hospice in San Jose. He wrote his memoir about how his cure from cancer surprised his oncologists at Stanford Cancer Clinic in Matchbooks in the Tunnel: How God and Others Solved My Impossible Problem. His warm, lighthearted, and authentic style draws listeners without agenda into a comfortable consideration of questions which we often are afraid to ask.


Jeannette Marsala

Jeannette R. Marsala has been practicing law for over 13 years. She started her career practicing bankruptcy and commercial litigation, representing many of the large mortgage companies during the foreclosure crisis in bankruptcy court and defending against wrongful foreclosure actions. But after several years, Jeannette decided to change practice areas and switched to estate planning. She wanted to work one-on-one with her clients, proactively solving and preventing problems from occurring instead of reacting. Her experience in litigation has prepared her to avoid common pitfalls in protecting assets, so it’s done the right way. In 2015, Jeannette started Marsala Law Firm. Marsala Law Firm offers estate planning services for all families. Whether it is to help a family avoid probate through living trusts, wills, special needs trusts, or assisting with an uncontested probate after a loved one passes away, Marsala Law Firm is committed to helping families avoid lengthy court proceedings whenever possible.

Ron Hori

Ron Hori

My business mission is to educate people about Living Benefits - life insurance you don't have to die to use.Living Benefits can pay huge medical bills that might otherwise cause bankruptcy or home foreclosure. and it provides a tax free retirement. As a Japanese American, I grew up in East Los Angeles, a lower middle class neighborhood. My life took several twists and turns after high school. US Air Force military service , Information Technology software in Silicon Valley, Sales trainer and Sales coach. My mentors are live and personal, authors, and speakers of all kinds. I believe what Charlie Tremendous Jones says: In 5 years I will be the same person I am today except for two things. The people I meet and the books I read.

Tanya Kailath

Tanya Kailath

Tanya Kailath is a seasoned Geriatric and Palliative Nurse Practitioner.She is also the creator and founder of Enlightened Aging that has coaching programs for caregivers to discover their best health, love, joy and peace of mind, throughout the caregiving experience.During her 12 year career, Tanya has helped many families and caregivers make sense of complex medical conditions, geriatric syndromes, navigate healthcare settings and find some light through pain, suffering and grief. Tanya values creating collaborative end-of-life experiences with families and caregivers where each emotion is acceptable and each voice has it's truth.Tanya received her Bachelor in Nursing from University of Rochester, Masters' in nursing from Boston College and she has received recognition for training healthcare providers in palliative and hospice care, end of life.Tanya has been invited to speak at local, state and national conferences as well as senior living and retirement communities and loves imparting knowledge and wisdom everywhere she goes.When Tanya is not working as an NP and being a caregiver coach she creates time for conscious healing to improve her own health as well as the health of others and to have healthier relationships.Tanya explores self expression through writing original piano melodies and singing her own lyrics and she looks forward to serving more caregivers in the future.

Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson is the owner and president of SYNERGY HomeCare of Campbell-Los Gatos. For many years he had personally relied on in-home caregivers to support his own parents as they faced many of the mental and physical challenges that accompany aging.Following his personal experience with Home Care Agencies, and a 30-year career of helping seniors and people with various disabilities, he was compelled to operate a home care business that focused on his clients’ well-being and elevated the home care experience.Tom holds his B.S. degree in Kinesiology, and M.A. in Adapted Physical Activity from San Jose State University.He is a native to the San Francisco Bay Area and currently lives in San Jose with his wife and two kids.