Creating Content with Google Hangouts

Creating Content with the Google hang-outs, it’s a great way to add value and brand yourself.

Have you tried them yet? If not, here’s some tips to get started.

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Sherri Nourani

When you get a Hangout invitation for a video call, just accept it via the link “Join Hangout”.

How do you link the hangout with an event?
Under your profile or group you create an event and plan it to be an live on air hangout. While you are in there start to invite people to join you.

One of the problems is creating a link in advance so you have to create the link when you are in a Hangout. To create an event, send out the invite to people to join you, then when you are in the hangout send them a link.

After you create a link to a Hangout on Air you can copy and paste the link into to Event if you want. You can also embed the YouTube live player into the Event so people can watch within the Event itself. You’ll watch the show on Youtube.

In the old version of Google Plus you could start a Hangout without inviting anyone and then paste the URL in a chat room to share it with friends. But in the new version you can’t start a Hangout without inviting someone explicitly. These people have to be connected with you in your circles. If they aren’t you can’t invite them to join you. Also be sure to get your guests to download the app before the event not during, otherwise they’ll miss the hangout.

When clicking on the hangouts bar on the right side, you have to choose a friend or circle.
Another way to invite is to get in a Hangout video call alone, just start a Hangout party and invite yourself. Once you’re in the Hangout video call, you can share the link with friends.

Why should you to create hangouts

+Have your Communities to get to know you and other members
+You can become an influencer to share the community
+PR Video and text raises the bar in your content
+ Help you to find communities to get into share your ideas, offer workshops, engage and have more conversations.
+Creating great educational content

I’ve watched many of Sherry’s educational series. Sherry Nouraini gives a great overview about Hangouts. She has hosted over 100 hangouts.
Be sure to watch them.

What’s your experience of doing Google hangouts? Leave a comment below.

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